There is nothing quite like working at a communications and marketing agency, especially when our market segments include a variety like health, transportation, retail, consumer, government, public policy, education and more. I came to The Vida Agency as a fresh college graduate with absolutely no agency experience and I’ve learned so much throughout the experience.

When I first started, I provided support to every project and every team member at TVA. I pulled metrics for digital marketing campaigns, did door to door outreach for city construction projects, supported grants and marketing for a creative hip-hip duo and everything in between. As I grow to focus more and more on community outreach, I still find myself jumping between vastly different projects and managing details with meticulous spreadsheets.

Here are 5 of my biggest takeaways from my experiences with The Vida Agency.

What’s gonna work? Teamwork!

The first thing I learned when I started at The Vida Agency is that you can’t do it alone. Your team is there to support you, to help you brainstorm and encourage creativity and to collaborate and help you grow. Everyone has a different idea and perspective to bring to a project. Bringing all of those together leads to the best final product. 

No two days are ever the same

You are supporting a vast number of projects across the board. One moment, you’ll be sending email notices about city construction, and the next you’ll be reviewing a hip-hip music video or casting for a commercial. Our work is broad, and we’ve got to be prepared to tackle any aspect of it on any day.

Flexibility is key

Things are ever changing in an agency. Sometimes the original plan doesn’t work, results lend to mid-project pivot or a surprise might even come up in a construction communications project. You must be nimble and able to jump from project to project or idea to idea without missing a beat.

It’s okay to challenge the norm

Whether working to develop an innovate campaign or an inclusive and equitable outreach strategy, you’ve got to be willing to push back and stand up for ideas. It’s okay to challenge the status quo with ideas that lead to better work. Clients don’t hire us to do work that’s been done before, they hire us to bring in fresh new ideas and concepts.


Things can get crazy, calm is key. Don’t forget to take time to center yourself – it allows you to bring your best self to the office every day.

Working in an agency has been such a worthwhile experience that has taught me so much and helped me to grow so immensely. I’m challenged on the daily, and wouldn’t have it any other way.


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