Our team centers all of our work in pursuit of racial, social, and environmental equity for underrepresented and disproportionately impacted communities. We offer new perspectives, broadened possibilities, and introduce systems for an equitable future.  

Our goal is to refocus the narrative on those who are conventionally left out of the conversation. We bridge the gaps between industries and community by centering intersections and experiences in order to communicate effectivelyamplify voices and create campaigns of and for the people 

What we offer fits into no box and no category.  


Our team breathes new life into projects; wrapping different perspectives around the same data and identifying metrics that matter.


We broaden (or pinpoint) audiences, expand possibilities, ask new questions and amplify the voices of the unheard and underserved.


We join forces, make you laugh, push back (not check a box) and lead a process that reveals possibilities and strengthen bonds for the long game.


Whatever the buzz word of the moment, we listen, dig deep, pivot and polish.

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The Vida Agency is proud to be a women- and minority-owned business. State WMBE: M5F0025227 Federal DBE: D5F0025227

We deliver what resonates.

“TVA used their compiled experiences and skills to appropriately address and center the nuances and complexities of working with diverse populations/groups. For example, this came in handy to have TVA staff give us insight on the cultural context/ literal interpretation of a translated message. TVA staff were also very skilled in facilitating a focus group composed of participants of different cultural backgrounds and language barrier…”
Ho Khanh

Environmental Health Services, Public Health Seattle & King County

Gracias y gracias por todo el trabajo impecable de TVA y la excelente comunicación. TVA staff se tomó el tiempo de escucharnos y responder a nuestras necesidades. Estamos muy felices con el producto final y ahora estamos trabajando en el plan para implementarlo.  
Analia Bertoni

Executive Director, Villa Comunitaria

Our agency has a program designed to help local governments better serve their residents at no additional cost to the local government…a great program that had little name recognition and was underutilized. We contracted with the Vida Agency to better understand the needs, desires and frustrations of local governments in Washington as well as develop strategies to better communicate with them. TVA delivered more than we could even have hoped for in terms of a detailed, informative and actionable market research report. The information TVA gave us will be useful not only in our communications with local governments, but in our strategic planning and goals for what kinds of resources are most useful to local governments. To top off an excellent report, TVA was very communicative throughout the process and adapted to our needs and expectations all with a smile. Working with TVA on this project was a pleasure.  I hope that’s the kind of thing you’re looking for…I could say more about how great you guys are, so let me know if you’d like me to! 
Jessica Wilson, MBA, MH

Communications Lead, Office of the Washington State Auditor, Center for Government Innovation

The best PR teams know how a publication comes together. As the assistant editor of South Sound magazine and 425 magazine I’m constantly working under strict deadlines to compile quality features. The TVA team have always understood what kinds of stories suit our magazines and the way we produce them. They pitch great story ideas, respond to me quickly, provide me with the right materials and are easy to reach. I love working with this team and I’m always looking forward to their next pitch.  
Laura Foster

Managing Editor, 425 Business and South Sound magazines

Pacific Hospital Preservation & Development Authority has had a terrific experience working with The Vida Agency. From the day we first met with their staff, it was clear that their commitment to social justice and healthcare equity was as strong as ours at the PHPDA. They understand the importance of reaching out across communities and of tailoring the message to fit the audience. Their communications approach ranges from placement in large electronic media outlets to small community papers. TVA is truly a “creative” agency, and their enthusiasm is infectious. We couldn’t be happier! 
Jeff Natter

Executive Director, Pacific Hospital Preservation & Development Authority

The Vida Agency has been extremely helpful in messaging the brand-new Democracy Voucher Program to Seattle residents. Not only is this program the first of its kind in the nation, it also involves the complex topic of campaign financing – so it was important to know how different communities would respond to initial program messaging. From our first meeting with Amalia and Mafe, we knew our project was in the right hands.  On relatively short notice, The Vida Agency conducted four focus groups in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Somali, and coordinated everything from recruitment, materials, and interpretation to facilitation and transcription. Their knowledge of each specific community made the difference in turnout and participation. TVA delivered a comprehensive report and summary on time and on budget, and offered useful recommendations that improved our mailing to all Seattle households.   In addition to their professionalism, Amalia and Mafe were also a pleasure to work with. We would welcome the chance to work with them again and recommend The Vida Agency highly. 
Jenna Smith

Sr. Public Relations Specialist, Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission

“The TVA team always goes the extra mile to ensure we are reaching the right audience, through the right channels, with the right messages. Their ability to listen carefully to our input and to understand our patients’ perspective led to the creation of a spot-on video ad that garnered outstanding engagement on our social media platforms. Plus, we simply enjoy being around the TVA crew!”
Mary Schilder

Director of Marketing Communications , Neighborcare Health

Make-A-Wish Alaska and Washington turned to TVA to develop a communications and marketing strategy to increase referrals from the Spanish-speaking communities in Washington. What we got was so much more! This team of creative, talented and knowledgeable professionals developed and implemented a seamless plan that was on time, on budget and on point. With their help, we exceeded our goals and laid the groundwork necessary to attain not just short term, but long term success by developing a results-driven approach that puts people and relationships first. 
Jeanette Tarcha

Vice President of Communications and Marketing , Make-A-Wish® Alaska and Washington

I’ve had the privilege to work with The Vida Agency (TVA) on an outreach and engagement project from start to finish. What most impressed me about them was their professionalism, their work ethic and their compassion for the community they worked with. They paid significant attention to developing relationships with communities that had been previously underserved, around the issue of field access and use within Seattle Parks and Recreation. By using a racial equity lens to better recognize barriers to access, they provided recommendations to Parks and Recreation to impact equity in assess and use. The ultimate outcome of their work; to create opportunities for more equitable access in the future. We will continue to use TVA as opportunities present themselves and have recommend them to other City Departments that could also benefit from their acumen.
Sue Goodwin

Strategic Advisor – Public Disclosure Officer, City of Seattle, Seattle Parks and Recreation

The University of Washington has enjoyed the partnership with The Vida Agency. The Consulting and Business Development Center, which is a self-sustaining program at the Foster School of Business, contracted The Vida Agency to build a website highlighting our national partnership work with JPMorgan Chase, other universities, and community resources from businesses around the United States. In the spring of 2017, The Vida Agency’s team met with us to understand the scope of our needs and goals for the website. The Vida Agency worked with us as professional partners every step of the way to get our new website launched in time for the national conference which happened in Washington D.C. in summer 2017. We have continued to retain the contract with The Vida Agency as we work on updates and changes during the first year of the websites launch.
Lakeisha Jackson, M.A.

Assistant Director, Consulting and Business Development Center, University of Washington Foster School of Business

I’ve worked with TVA three times on challenging, fast moving earned media campaigns to amplify the voices and political power of marginalized communities. Working in different languages isn’t always easy, but the professionals at TVA have the relationships and expertise needed to get coverage in hard to reach markets like the API, Asian American, East African and of course Spanish-language media. I’ve recommended them with some reluctance to my colleagues — I want to keep them to myself! 
Heather Weiner

Partner, Moxie Media

Having The Vida Agency as a partner has added so much value to our marketing program. I appreciate their strategic creativity and quick, professional communication style. I really enjoy working with them and I especially enjoy the results of that work.
Julie Tennyson

Marketing Director, Merlone Geier Partners

“TVA’s team is response, flexible, on time, and ready for anything. I currently work with them on a transit and transportation project where they deliver public information to complex communities. Working in partnership with TVA is a pleasure and I look forward to doing more of it!”
Lauren Stensland

Associate, EnviroIssues

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When visionary entrepreneur Amalia Martino founded The Vida Agency in 2017, she designed a boutique creative agency in which every voice is valued, every client achieves strategic and inclusive impact, and every person is intentionally supported on her or his leadership development journey. With nearly two decades leading communications and public relations campaigns that transform audience behavior, Amalia conceptualizes and executes culturally relevant initiatives on behalf of TVA clients. Recognized for her unique ability to activate and elicit valuable input from a diverse array of communities, she established and models the inclusive Community Outreach Principles that TVA has become known for. Amalia works hand-in-hand with clients spanning major market segments including health, transportation, retail, consumer, education, and the arts to adapt and evolve to the swiftly changing demographics of our Northwest home. A powerful and authentic public speaker and facilitator, Amalia activates audiences across sectors. She regularly speaks on building inclusive strategies for marketing and engagement, and shares lessons from The Vida Agency’s efforts to enable a culture of leadership.

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Mafe Cobaleda-Yglesias knows the value of clear coordination and communication to a well-executed campaign. Leveraging over a decade of experience in project and account management, she serves as a single point of contact for clients, coordinating a team of TVA experts and vendors to establish a shared vision, timeline, and expectations for each project. A strong interpersonal and bilingual communicator, Mafe is skilled at facilitating small and large community conversations and focus groups in both Spanish and English to ensure that every voice is heard. As the head of language adaptation and translation at TVA, she leads an extended team of language professionals providing DSHS and/or Court-certified translation and simultaneous interpretation in more than twenty (20) languages. In every case and language, Mafe delivers content that is respectful and true to the native language.

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Tamara Power-Drutis believes that ideas are only as strong as the stories we tell about them. As a writer, researcher, and former public media executive with a history of turning big ideas into action, Tamara brings a storyteller’s eye to every project. She leads qualitative and quantitative research initiatives for The Vida Agency, building tools and strategies to gain insight and feedback from priority populations. An expert facilitator, Tamara designs brainstorming sessions, focus groups, interviews, and retreats that catalyze the strongest ideas and fortify audience and team connections. Whether it’s conducting in-depth interviews, manifesting audience personas, administering surveys, or providing market research, she leverages every opportunity for clients to gain actionable insight and better serve their community.

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Lisa believes that creativity isn’t magic, but a process best executed one on one with clients. With over 20 years of experience leading creative strategies and campaigns, Lisa helps our partners successfully engage their audiences by creating content that is relevant and easy to consume. Leading our creative process, Lisa works hand in hand with clients to understand their desired goals and to develop strategies to reach them. She ensures that all design work, whether a video or social media image, align with desired outcomes. Throughout her career, Lisa has worked across a range of industries, from small businesses looking to update their brand to large public agencies working on environmental cleanup and mega transportation projects. For the grand opening of the SR 99 tunnel and SR 520 Bridge, Lisa led the award-winning branding and campaign efforts, which helped to draw over 60,000 attendees to each event. Past experiential design projects have included creating large form wayfinding along Seattle’s waterfront and Milepost 31, and a museum style exhibit in Pioneer Square. The multi-award-winning exhibit was visited by 800,00 individuals from more than 80 countries.

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Katie Myers brings a positive and human approach to audience engagement; enabling TVA clients to authentically communicate to and with the communities they serve. Helping to establish TVA’s Outreach Principles, Katie champions an inclusive experience where every voice is heard. Whether soliciting community feedback through in-person outreach activities, coordinating translated materials for clients across languages, training volunteers to go door-to-door, or creating social media content to increase project awareness, Katie is valued for her ability to distill complex ideas into relatable information. As Account Manager, she assists research and communication team efforts with disciplined logistics, meticulous spreadsheets, and community outreach. Supporting public initiatives such as SDOT Paving projects, Seattle Public Utilities drainage and wastewater initiatives, and hip-hop luminaries the Black Stax education programming, Katie works to keep projects on time, within budget, and achieving desired results.

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Drawing from a background in community engagement and social media management, Alex provides on the ground and digital support for a range of transit, health, and consumer initiatives at The Vida Agency. As Project Manager, he ensures that brands and campaigns achieve consistency and a cohesive voice across platforms. With experience managing digital marketing across sectors and an eye for identifying and capitalizing on emerging trends, Alex supports digital advertising and social media strategy development, analytics and reporting, as well as creative multimedia content design. He works in partnership with clients to maximize digital reach, with a focus on converting digital engagements to on the ground outreach and events.  

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Leveraging over 30 years’ experience in human resources and fiscal administration for non-profit and service-orientated organizations, Theresa brings a keen financial acumen and long-view mindset to The Vida Agency’s operations. Theresa is known for her ability to consult with executive leadership and managers on strategic budgeting decisions, coaching team members through complicated technical, legal, or human implications of fiscal and staffing decisions. With demonstrated excellence in organizations with fewer than 10 employees to those with over 500, her resourceful nature and servant leadership approach have help launch, scale, and sustain a variety of healthcare, wellness, workforce development, and environmental organizations and initiatives. At The Vida Agency, she supports process improvement and bookkeeping, ensuring a simple and streamlined experience for clients.  

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Ryann values organization, creativity, and community connection. As the Executive & Account Assistant, she plays an indispensable role in keeping TVA’s wheels turning.  Ryann supports our Founder and President, executes internal and external communication, and provides support to a range of projects. Leveraging her organization skills, Ryan supports internal administrative, including correspondence, records, and onboarding of new talent.  Ryann’s experience in the customer service enabled her to seamlessly connect to clients and provide team support where needed. She first joined our TVA family as an intern in 2019 when obtaining her undergraduate degree in strategic communications from WSU.

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Amir Sadeghi

Marketing & Business Development Manager

Amir Sadeghi

Marketing & Business Development Manager


Amir joins TVA after spending his marketing career working for major brands in the wireless and travel industries. His experience leading marketing campaigns and initiatives on a regional, national, and global level, gives him a diverse and unique perspective. Whether he’s working on athlete endorsements, marketing mobile apps, engaging communities through award-winning multicultural marketing campaigns, or presenting on behalf of a brand, Amir approaches each project and partnership with passion, creativity, and authenticity. His ability to connect with people, not simply network, but foster and build relationships continues to be one of his standout attributes. Due to the value Amir adds to The Vida Agency, he now leads Marketing and Business Development. Amir’s diverse cultural background and professional experience fuel his vision for TVA. In his words, “Throughout my marketing career I relied on key agency partnerships to help my vision come to life and to ensure my contributions to the business and brand were being made. It’s from this place I approach my work here at TVA. Understanding there are smart hardworking marketing leaders out there who need strong agency partners to help bring their visions to life. TVA does this and I’m excited to be part of it. Let’s work!”



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Priya envisions an equitable future where foundational needs like housing, food, education, and workforce development enable all to realize their desired potential. As a basic needs policy advisor and project manager, they foster cross-sector collaboration to build policy and strategies to make that equitable future attainable for all. At TVA, Priya serves as the Project Manager for the Seattle Sweetened Beverage Tax Public Awareness and Counter Marking Campaign. In this role, they synchronize a Coalition of community partners and a team of researchers to gain insight into the negative impact of beverage industry marketing tactics on the local Seattle community. An expert project manager, Priya establishes clear communications and workflow on project teams, enabling communities to provide authentic input and clients to create positive impact.



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Patty Carrion Moras believes that each person brings valuable experience to the table. Overseeing language services at TVA, Patty ensures that clients and communities effectively and accurately communicate with one another. With DSHS training and certifications in medical interpretation, social services interpretation, and translation, Patty coordinates translation and interpretation in over 20 languages, building bridges of appreciation and understanding between cultures and elevating voices of underheard communities. With almost a decade of experience in community engagement, Patty provides on-the-ground outreach for events, conferences, trade shows, and door-to-door campaigning. A believer in sharing knowledge and growing as a team, Patty coordinates video production schedules and budgets to ensure strong internal communication and delivery within budget. Patty serves as the director of the board for the Latino Community Fund and Progreso: Latino Progress.

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Miguel has been an audio engineer for 20 years and a film producer for almost a decade. He has directed educational and promotional videos for Public Health Seattle King County, University of Washington, Arboretum Foundation and Edmonds School District and produced and edited television commercials for Mighty Mouth, Jobaline and The Commons at Federal Way.  Miguel’s background as a professional musician gives him the advantage in the recording studio.


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Edwin has over eight years of experience providing graphic and web designs solutions for various multinational companies. He holds a bachelor’s degree in advertising with a focus on digital editorial. A creative visionary, technical specialist and dedicated professional, Edwin translates ideas into creative assets that comply with client deadlines and requirements. He is versed in Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop, and is always inspired by innovative technologies and gadgets to optimize these tools in the most efficient way. Edwin’s design portfolio includes a Customer Experience campaign for Hewlett Packard employees, youth ORCA campaign for King County Metro and various print and digital materials for other Vida projects, including TVA’s own branding. In a past life, he played professional basketball and American Football. Today, outside of work, Edwin enjoys being a dad and putting in work at the CrossFit gym. 

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Originally from Costa Rica, Caruzo is a bilingual Maltese mix who has been raised in Seattle and considers himself a true local who enjoys the outdoor world the Pacific Northwest has to offer. A big fan of naps and tummy rubs, our Chief Happiness Officer makes any TVA guest feel welcome, specially if you happen to bring him some baby carrots (his favorite treat).

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Marcela Diaz

Director of Equity & Engagement


Marcela Diaz knows how essential it is to have human, authentic conversations about systemic change. An expert, bilingual facilitator, Marcela helps public agencies and communities have the conversations necessary for healing and change. With over a decade's experience developing community and public involvement plans, and a lifelong involvement in grassroots social justice organizing, she appreciates the need for transformation to come from both outside and within the systems themselves. Marcela builds meaningful collaborations and partnerships, and works with public agencies to identify opportunities where historically underrepresented communities can make tangible change through their input. 

Marcela is deeply involved in our Northwest community, working to undo institutionalized racism in our school system and providing bilingual educational workshops on labor and immigration rights across Washington State. A dancer since the age of three, Marcela loves to dance Bachata and Kizomba, and spending time with her daughters and family. 

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Leija Farr

Account Coordinator

Leija Farr

Account Coordinator


Leija Farr is born and raised in Seattle, Washington. In 2015, she served as the first Seattle Youth Poet Laureate and since then has shown outstanding abilities within the arts scene with her passion for social justice. With her dedicated interest in writing, she’s become a published author of the manuscript ‘Outweigh The Gravity’, and a freelance writer for the South Seattle Emerald publication. Leija is a gifted speaker and has interned at various radio stations such as KUOW and KEXP’s Summer Poetry Workshop. As a lover of nature, a spiritual vessel, and a self-proclaimed foodie, she finds ways to stay active.  After years of customer service work at various companies, she has returned to her mission of community outreach as the new Account Coordinator for The Vida Agency.

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Stasea Stewart

Senior Account Project Coordinator

Stasea Stewart

Senior Account Project Coordinator


Stasea Stewart leads with resilience to foster community connections and belonging. Her passion for communication started on a cul-de-sac in Palmdale, California. The hot, arid summers inspired her curiosity. She hatched ideas such as attempting to cook an egg on the sidewalk and burying a time capsule in her neighbor’s front yard. These experiences gave birth to her love of communication as a bridge to learn and connect in community.

In 2017, Stasea’s curiosity led her to California State University as a first-generation, four-year college student. Stasea was selected as a BOLD Women’s Leadership Scholar; a program established to honor legendary Cosmopolitan magazine editor-in-chief Helen Gurley Brown. As a scholar, Stasea developed a mini-series podcast focused on resilience.

In the midst of a global pandemic and resounding declaration that Black Lives Matter, Stasea displayed her keenness as a self-starter through her masters degree in communication at the University of Washington. In the summer of 2020, she worked on projects involving behavior change marketing, communication consulting, brand development, antiracism education, multicultural marketing, and critical race theory research. Stasea’s servant leadership style and commitment to excellence led her to join TVA as a Senior Account Project Coordinator.

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Ciara Honig




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Zhonghao Zhang

Research Coordinator


Zhonghao takes pride in being at the intersection of art and science – using research to inspire creativity and action. He’s passionate about finding the motivations behind people’s actions and creating tailored strategies and messaging that resonates with them.  With experience from ad agencies and multinational corporations, Zhonghao has worked with clients iindustries including restaurant, fashion, non-profit, and consulting. Helping each of them solve their business and communication problems. These experiences taught him to looking beyond what the data says, but what it means. At TVA, Zhonghao contributes to every step of our research and engagement process through planning, coordinating, and executing TVA’s human centered research projects.  

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Renee holt

Research Coordinator


Renee Holt is dedicated to social and environmental justice and brings a passion for building meaningful relationships to all her work. Her prior experience in the nonprofit sector in both King and Whatcom Counties allowed her to serve underrepresented communities and women in transitional housing. She is particularly interested in research on health, food access, and housing. In 2019, Renee received her M.A. in Environmental Policy after conducting qualitative research on the experiences of food insecurity among both women in a low-income neighborhood, and college students. She also served on a committee to create an Environmental Justice minor for undergraduate students at Western Washington University. Renee approaches work with empathy, enthusiasm, and careful attention to detail. At TVA, Renee coordinatequalitative and quantitative Discovery efforts and supports various clients and projects.  

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Elise Van deventer

Project Coordinator


A South Seattle Native, Elise is motivated by doing work that focuses on making a positive impact on those in her community. She recently graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Communication and spent her college years working different roles for various nonprofit organizations. Post-graduationElise dove into the world of communications while completing two internships at one time. These opportunities led Elise to The Vida Agency, where she continues to make an impact on those around her as a Coordinator. In her spare time, Elise enjoys going on adventures around the Seattle Area, finding new restaurants to try, and spending time with her cat Smokey. 

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Nore Hoeft

strategic communications specialists


Norea believes in the awesome power of storytelling to arouse empathy, change minds, and inspire action. With over 15 years of experience in marketing and communications, and a unique perspective grounded in being a mixed-race, queer Filipina, Norea is committed to constantly seeking greater clarity, efficiency, and joy in collaboration. She spent the bulk of her career in the nonprofit sector creating fundraising communications and then leading marketing for the Northwest region of a national fundraising consulting firm. At The Vida Agency, Norea leads communications strategies informed by research and in collaboration with various clients. She also provides insights from her work  with pioneers in the field of racial equity, helping thought leaders to write, develop, and promote original works that assist individuals and organizations with transformative change toward racial consciousness and anti-racism 

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Diana Brown

Senior Account Manager


Diana, like many of us, is a Seattle Native. She grew up in Green Lake, attended Western Washington University where she received her bachelor’s degree, then went on to get her master’s in urban planning at the University of Washington. Between then and now, adventure has led her to live in San Francisco, Portland, and Phoenix as an AmeriCorps Member. Diana is now living in Washington with her family on a quaint little farm with a bunch of animals to look after, when she is not too busy killin it here at TVA. Read on to learn a bit more about Diana!

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Hailey Fagerness

Outreach coordinator


As a fifth-generation Washingtonian, Hailey was born in Everett and raised in Snohomish, Washington. She then moved up to Bellingham where she attended Western Washington University and received her BS in mathematics with minors in leadership studies and economics. Hailey then went on to receive her master’s degree in public administration from University of Washington Evans School of Public Policy. When Hailey is not working alongside all of us here at TVA, she enjoys being outside, running, reading, and spending time with her friends, family, and two beautiful Labrador Retrievers.

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Janine Worthington

Director of strategic communications and media relations


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