The Vida Agency develops and executes brand campaigns and brand- and issue-related communication services for market segments such as health, transportation, retail, consumer, political campaigns, public policy, education, and more.

Our team breathes new life into projects; wrapping different perspectives around the same data and identifying metrics that matter.

We broaden (or pinpoint) audiences, expand possibilities, ask new questions and amplify the voices of the unheard and underserved.

We join forces, make you laugh, push back (not check a box) and lead a process that reveals possibilities and strengthen bonds for the long game.

Whatever the buzz word of the moment, we listen, dig deep, pivot and polish.

The Vida Agency is proud to be a women- and minority-owned business.
State WMBE: M5F0025227
Federal DBE: D5F0025227

We deliver what resonates.

We are the Pacific Northwest

From Seattle’s Pioneer Square to Yakima in the Central Valley, TVA operates in one of the nation’s fastest growing (and wealthiest) regions. We pocket ORCA cards, bring dogs to the office, imbibe IPAs made from local hops, hike mountains and celebrate the diversity around us. We also speak plainly (in various languages) about inequities and challenge companies, agencies, communities and people to be more inclusive.

Amalia Martino

Founder & President

When visionary entrepreneur Amalia Martino founded The Vida Agency in 2017, she designed a boutique creative agency in which every voice is valued, every client achieves strategic and inclusive impact, and every person is intentionally supported on her or his leadership development journey. With nearly two decades leading communications and public relations campaigns that transform audience behavior, Amalia conceptualizes and executes culturally relevant initiatives on behalf of TVA clients. Recognized for her unique ability to activate and elicit valuable input from a diverse array of communities, she established and models the inclusive Community Outreach Principles that TVA has become known for. Amalia works hand-in-hand with clients spanning major market segments including health, transportation, retail, consumer, education, and the arts to adapt and evolve to the swiftly changing demographics of our Northwest home. A powerful and authentic public speaker and facilitator, Amalia activates audiences across sectors. She regularly speaks on building inclusive strategies for marketing and engagement, and shares lessons from The Vida Agency’s efforts to enable a culture of leadership.

How Amalia’s colleagues describe her: Visionary. Kind. Badass. Mentor. Yoga Master. Discovers potential. Trusts her team to lead. Models how a great company should work.

Mafe Cobaleda-Yglesias

Vice President & Account Director

Mafe Cobaleda-Yglesias knows the value of clear coordination and communication to a well-executed campaign. Leveraging over a decade of experience in project and account management, she serves as a single point of contact for clients, coordinating a team of TVA experts and vendors to establish a shared vision, timeline, and expectations for each project. A strong interpersonal and bilingual communicator, Mafe is skilled at facilitating small and large community conversations and focus groups in both Spanish and English to ensure that every voice is heard. As the head of language adaptation and translation at TVA, she leads an extended team of language professionals providing DSHS and/or Court-certified translation and simultaneous interpretation in more than twenty (20) languages. In every case and language, Mafe delivers content that is respectful and true to the native language.

How Mafe’s colleagues describe her: Authentic. Loyal. Enthusiastic. Hilarious. Positive. Believes in her teammates. Role model. Kind.

Rachel Felix 

Creative & Digital Lead

Rachel Felix has a knack for creating meaningful brand experiences. Combining a background in graphic design, media relations, and digital marketing, she leverages the best of emergent technologies and storytelling to drive brand engagement for The Vida Agency clients. From square one, Rachel brings a passion for out-of-the-box thinking, leading TVA’s creative department to develop brands, strategies, and campaigns that capture each client’s mission and exceed their goals. Whether partnering with internal client teams to establish a new brand or developing digital advertising campaigns with display, search, PPC and retargeting, Rachel gives every project the best of her creative suite of abilities. Always approachable, Rachel is the go-to source for explanations and insight into digital analytics, terminology, and methods. A perpetual learner, Rachel graduated Cum Laude from the University of Nevada, and is currently pursuing a Master of Communication in Digital Media at the University of Washington.

How Rachel’s colleagues describe her: Brilliant. Creative. Funny. Diligent. Cool. Digital brain. Kind.

Tamara Power-Drutis

Strategic Communications Specialist 

Tamara Power-Drutis believes that ideas are only as strong as the stories we tell about them. As a writer, researcher, and former public media executive with a history of turning big ideas into action, Tamara helps TVA client leaders and organizations establish brands and stories that create impact. As the principal investigator, Tamara leads qualitative and quantitative research initiatives to inform communications, strategies, and creative campaigns. An expert facilitator, Tamara designs brainstorming sessions, focus groups, and retreats that catalyze the strongest ideas and fortify audience and team connections. Whether developing editorial calendars, crafting press releases, or creating content for articles or blogs, Tamara leverages an extensive writing background to craft relevant and mission-aligned content for TVA clients. She also works with client teams to develop the key building blocks to their leadership brands, elevating their executive’s visibility and amplifying under-heard voices.

How Tamara’s colleagues describe her: Authentic. Powerful. Natural Leader. Passionate. Open. Inspiring. Team Player. Reliable.

Luanne Brown 

Senior Copywriter

Ms. Brown brings three decades of experience writing for high tech companies such as Microsoft, Slalom, Bridge Partners Consulting and Intel. She has also written for several healthcare corporations, and telecoms such as AT&T and T-Mobile. With a background in screenwriting and journalism, Ms. Brown has a special talent for capturing authentic stories and voices that appeal to a variety of audiences. She has produced messaging frameworks, ads, brochures, websites, e-books, advertorials, video and animation scripts. There is nothing Ms. Brown loves more than writing snappy copy to attract and hold the attention of an audience. Passionate and compassionate, Ms. Brown brings her big heart to every word she writes.

Patty Carrion Moras

Community Outreach Lead

Patty’s personal and professional mission is to build bridges of appreciation and understanding between cultures and elevate the voices of various communities. She brings nearly a decade of experience and a depth of relationships to community engagement strategies. Patty also oversees language services at TVA, coordinating translation and interpretation services in over 20 languages for clients in education, transportation and health. Mrs. Carrion Moras also volunteers as director of the board for the Latino Community Fund and Progreso: Latino Progress.

Katie Myers 

Account Manager

Katie Myers brings a positive and human approach to audience engagement; enabling TVA clients to authentically communicate to and with the communities they serve. Helping to establish TVA’s Outreach Principles, Katie champions an inclusive experience where every voice is heard. Whether soliciting community feedback through in-person outreach activities, coordinating translated materials for clients across languages, training volunteers to go door-to-door, or creating social media content to increase project awareness, Katie is valued for her ability to distill complex ideas into relatable information. As Account Manager, she assists research and communication team efforts with disciplined logistics and meticulous spreadsheets. Supporting public initiatives such as SDOT Paving projects, Seattle Public Utilities, and hip-hop luminaries the Black Stax education programming, Katie works to keep projects on time, within budget, and achieving desired results.

How Katie’s colleagues describe her: Positive light. Never gives up. Fast. Efficient. Strong public presence. People person.

Alex Shaffer

Account Coordinator

Drawing from a background in community and influencer engagement, Alex provides on the ground logistics and support for a range of transit, health, and entertainment initiatives. A strong communicator, data cruncher, and creative multimedia content producer, Alex brings both a visual and data lens to TVA client projects. As Account Coordinator, he develops and coordinates materials and social media to maximize reach and conversion for on the ground outreach and events. With previous roles managing social media, digital marketing, and influencer engagement for retail, entertainment, and dining companies, Alex conducts research, ad buy placement, social media, and reporting for TVA clients.  

How colleagues describe Alex: Reliable. Calm. Data cruncher. Humble. Eye for photography. Confident. Cool.  

Ryann Anderson

Summer Intern

Ryann Anderson is the summer intern at The Vida Agency, where she’s gaining foundational hands-on experience in each stage of creative campaign development and execution. An incoming senior at Washington State University majoring in communications with an emphasis in public relations, Ryann contributes to TVA’s social media and shares input to strengthen outreach and engagement.   

How colleagues describe Ryann: Enthusiastic. Jumps right in. Resourceful. Witty. Fresh perspective.  


Miguel A. Muñoz

Audio & Video Producer

Miguel has been an audio engineer for 20 years and a film producer for almost a decade. He has directed educational and promotional videos for Public Health Seattle King County, University of Washington, Arboretum Foundation and Edmonds School District and produced and edited television commercials for Mighty Mouth, Jobaline and The Commons at Federal Way.  Miguel’s background as a professional musician gives him the advantage in the recording studio.

Edwin Miranda Carmona

Graphic Designer

Edwin has over eight years of experience providing graphic and web designs solutions for various multinational companies. He holds a bachelor’s degree in advertising with a focus on digital editorial. A creative visionary, technical specialist and dedicated professional, Edwin translates ideas into creative assets that comply with client deadlines and requirements. He is versed in Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop, and is always inspired by innovative technologies and gadgets to optimize these tools in the most efficient way. Edwin’s design portfolio includes a Customer Experience campaign for Hewlett Packard employees, youth ORCA campaign for King County Metro and various print and digital materials for other Vida projects, including TVA’s own branding. In a past life, he played professional basketball and American Football. Today, outside of work, Edwin enjoys being a dad and putting in work at the CrossFit gym.

Caruzo Yglesias

Chief Happiness Officer

Originally from Costa Rica, Caruzo is a bilingual Maltese mix who has been raised in Seattle and considers himself a true local who enjoys the outdoor world the Pacific Northwest has to offer. A big fan of naps and tummy rubs, our Chief Happiness Officer makes any TVA guest feel welcome, specially if you happen to bring him some baby carrots (his favorite treat).

How Caruzo’s colleagues describe him: Team player. Calm. Cute. Adorable. Friendly. Treat oriented. Diligent. Stylish. Ballsy.

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