Today is the day. The Alaskan Way Viaduct closes for the last time tonight so that construction crews can re-route SR-99 into the newly built tunnel. Next week, we enter the period that everyone is calling “The Seattle Squeeze,” “Viadoom” or more officially, “The Period of Maximum Constraint,” as all of the daily Viaduct traffic will reroute through other parts of Seattle before we can get to our new,  earthquake-safe tunnel. That’s more cars a day, people!

Our team is doing our part to help reduce the number of people travelling through downtown Seattle – we’ll be working remotely (mostly) during the closure.

Do you have a plan yet for how you’re going to handle the closure? If not, no need to worry, you still have time to plan. Check out these helpful videos we created for the social campaign that show how some of your fellow Seattleites plan to get through the Viaduct closure and get to work and commitments on time!

Remember that you have so many different options for traveling during the closure. From biking to transit to ridesharing, there are a lot of options you can use to try to reduce the impact of the “squeeze”. Did you know that Lyft has a closure discount of $2.75 if you take a shared ride through certain impacted areas?

Looking ahead, it’s exciting to think about the new SR-99 tunnel we’ll have at the end of all this. Check out these videos, which show what it will be like to travel through downtown Seattle once the tunnel is open in English, Spanish and Chinese.

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