Summer has officially ended (it’s almost November, what!?) and we’re moving into the season of hot lattes and rain, but still soaking up the glorious peeks of sunshine and changing colors of the leaves. As the weather changes, so have we. As such, we thought it fitting to give an update on what our team was up to this summer!

Team Wins

The boss lady, Amalia, took her first trip to the Windy City, alongside her favorite musical group – Black Stax. She also ran her first 5K in 6 years, paddleboarded the Wenatchee River, and lived the dream as a soccer mom watching her daughter play up and down the West Coast. 

Mafe played host and tour guide around Seattle for a total of 2 months with guests from all over the world. In a surprising twist of events, she sprained her ankle just a week before her birthday, but still celebrated like a rock star in Victoria B.C. She even lost her cellphone in a dry pack in Rattlesnake Lake, but found a friend to scuba dive and rescue it a month later. All was well!

Both Rachel and Katie were able to celebrate a year in Seattle this summer! Rachel crossed the half way mark to earning her Master’s degree grad school, took an amazing vacation to Burning Man and Lake Tahoe and celebrated the 6th birthday of her daughter (aka German Shepherd pup), Cali. Katie hosted her whole family on their first trip to Seattle, went kayaking on Lake Union, and attended and loved her first Sounders game.  

Down to Business

As for our work, we’ve done more than a few exciting things this summer and we’re so exciting to carry this momentum through the rest of 2018.

Earlier this summer, we created and executed a bilingual English and Spanish campaign to raise awareness about a brand new product, Washington’s Retirement Marketplace. We equipped the agency with a suite of marketing products and creative materials and led a digital campaign that targeted small business owners and employees in various sectors. As a result, we generated 470K total Facebook impressions and 15.5K LinkedIn impressions (with an estimated audience size of only 4K) over a 30-day period.


We are super proud to have designed the branding for LatinX Northwest, a special initiative planning for a future culture & arts hub for the Latinx community in the Seattle. We also helped plan and execute 3 regional community meetings to garner feedback that will help inform the key aspects of a future LatinX arts space in Seattle.

Lastly, we helped plan and run the Latino Community Fund Annual Gala on September 8. We produced a video to play during the Gala, the event program, and multiple promotional graphics leading up to the event. It turned out to be their largest Gala yet, with over 300 people in attendance.

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