Seattle is one of the fastest growing cities in the country – whenever I find myself frustrated by city construction, I remind myself that we have to continue to scale and improve in order to meet the needs of the growing population.


That’s where capital improvement projects come into play. While they may inconvenience you for a period of time, they do so much to improve your experience and future use of an area.

They extend the useful life of the road for years to come. They redesign key intersections and upgrade pedestrian routes to ensure that roadways are accessible for all modes of transportation users, whether you drive, bike, bus, walk, scoot or roll, They upgrade and improve transit routes to move faster and be more reliable.

And that’s just transportation related projects.


Utility projects strive to ensure that you always have light and heat. They prevent sewage from backing up into your property or pouring out into our beautiful natural water ways. Yeah, it can be frustrating when there’s construction near your home and your parking is restricted. Do you know what is probably more frustrating and even dangerous? Poop in your basement.

Capital improvement projects ensure that you maintain access to essential life services. They keep your lights on, ensure you have safe drinking water, and establish safe public buildings. They make sure that you are able to safely swim in Lake Washington without any health risks. You don’t think about them when everything is working, but it’s a pretty big deal if they fail.


So the next time you ever drive down the road cursing potholes or confusing lane layouts, wish your bus ride was a little less bumpy so you could just focus on your book, or debate about the water quality before jumping into Lake Washington for a swim, remember there’s a whole lot of vital infrastructure improvements going on all around us and we are privileged to live in such a vibrant region.

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