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The Vida Agency
Shatter and Forge

Community Engagement

TVA announces the launch of Shatter + Forge™ 

Public outreach is a two-way street that must be clearly beneficial to everyone involved. And so the idea for Shatter + Forge—TVA’s new, groundbreaking model for community engagement—was born. It took some fine tuning and testing, but today, we’re excited to share it with the world. 

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Community Engagement

Community outreach: the art of listening and being heard

After years of working with a variety of public agencies, private companies, and initiative-based efforts to establish effective outreach with the communities they serve, The Vida Agency has developed unique strategies for gaining community involvement and input. Learn more about community engagement and the art of listening and being heard.

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Community Engagement

Planning an outstanding community outreach event

It is always rewarding to complete a successful community outreach event that achieves strong participation and engagement from the community. It does, however, take meticulous preparation and a winning strategy. Learn key factors to keep in mind when planning an outstanding community outreach event.