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Say Hello Again to Amir Sadeghi

Our Culture

Meet Amir Sadeghi: Our Events Manager

Amir recently moved into our newly created Event Manager role, so we chatted with him about the need for the position, how he’s getting on so far, and what he’s most excited for.

Yoga fitness collage.

Our Culture

5 things I learned about leadership; How 237 hot yoga classes in 2018 helped to shape our company culture

In honor of World Yoga Day, it’s been fun to reflect on what exactly yoga has brought to my life and how I’ve taken lessons off my mat and into my life, both personal and professional.

Three illustrations with text let equality bloom, Science is universal, and justice first.

Our Culture

4 things I learned as interim executive director at Amplifier

Learn about TVA Founder and President, Amalia Martino’s, time as interim Executive Director at Amplifier, a nonprofit supporting social movements via mass distribution of daring and impactful art.