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Looking back on 2022

We can’t believe it, either: 2022 is nearly over!!

Three young people stand with shovels in front of construction equipment

Our Work

The Vida Agency (TVA) Celebrates with Community at the Rainier Beach High School Groundbreaking Ceremony

TVA recently took part in a groundbreaking ceremony to mark the official start of the construction phase of the Seattle Public Schools (SPS) Rainier Beach High School rebuild.

young man drinking water with text preparate hidratate. Hashtag toma agua.

Our Work

Multicultural marketing is no longer an afterthought

Inclusive marketing is no longer optional. It is a key driver of business success. The companies able to have success in cultivating strong and authentic connections with multicultural audiences will be those who commit the time, research, dollars and learnings necessary to create culturally appropriate programs, products, and campaigns.

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Our Work

Community outreach: the art of listening and being heard

After years of working with a variety of public agencies, private companies, and initiative-based efforts to establish effective outreach with the communities they serve, The Vida Agency has developed unique strategies for gaining community involvement and input. Learn more about community engagement and the art of listening and being heard.

arm holding piece of paper with text be bold or italic, never regular.

Our Work

Turning your vision into a brand

One step that cannot be skipped when building a new organization is the development of a strong brand identity. It all starts with a vision. Effective brand strategy and development is imperative to ensure your priority audience understands the vision and values of the brand. Learn the 4 keys to turning your vision into a brand.

text words have power.

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4 key considerations when translating language for business

As globalization skyrockets and our society continues to diversify, equal access to information is more important than ever. Learn 4 important considerations when providing translation for business.

three people taking a selfie on city street with Spanish text Descubre tu libertad and Orca logo.

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How Gen Z helped “Find Your Freedom” for the ORCA Youth Program

Learn about TVA’s collaboration with King County Metro to develop an integrated campaign to increase its ORCA youth card program through the Find Your Freedom campaign.

Two people facing each other looking to the right on a bus.

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4 things to know about video production

Video marketing has been on the rise as social and display advertising becomes increasingly effective. A recent study showed that 64 percent of consumers said watching a marketing video on Facebook influenced their buying decision. Learn the 4 key steps to producing a fantastic video.

a Lakefront with houses.

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Planning an outstanding community outreach event

It is always rewarding to complete a successful community outreach event that achieves strong participation and engagement from the community. It does, however, take meticulous preparation and a winning strategy. Learn key factors to keep in mind when planning an outstanding community outreach event.

Top down view of girl holding phone looking at food.

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Creating an effective digital strategy

If you work in communications or happen to be one of 2.5 billion to own a smartphone, you’ve probably noticed the shift to digital. digital. Digital. When developing a digital strategy, it’s crucial to consider several factors to assure success in a campaign. Learn 4 tips to a slam dunk digital strategy.