With COVID vaccines rolling out and the economy slowly opening, leaders are faced with new and pressing challenges around how to budget for a rapidly changing workplace. In response, the Vida Agency created a flexible service to help any organization engage employees in decision-making and gather and analyze their feedback. With Vibe Check by Vida, your team can make informed decisions about everything from remote working to safety protocols to work-life balance with confidence backed by data.

If you are in a leadership role, chances are you’re grappling with a host of challenges around how to balance the design of your workplace with worker safety, productivity, work styles, and adaptability. If you have remote workers, you’re fielding all kinds of questions and ideas around how and when (or even if) to return to work in person, and how to deal with unvaccinated workers and customers. If that’s not enough to keep you awake at night, what about that commitment you made to your staff to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion?

“As a leader, not knowing what to do next can be paralyzing,” says Amalia Martino, CEO of The Vida Agency. During the pandemic, TVA let go of its physical office space and invested heavily in tools for remote working and onboarding. But in recent months, it became clear that most staff members were getting vaccinated, and things were slowly opening back up. “We were suddenly faced with dozens of decisions about how to allocate budgetary items that we weren’t considering just a few weeks before,” says Martino.

To frame our decision making, TVA decided to go back to the fundamental values of who we are as a company, which centers on equity and inclusion. Practically speaking, that means we don’t just hand down decisions to staff because we think it will improve our bottom line. Instead, we include our team in the decision-making process, because we understand that our workers are our bottom line. “Our employees are our greatest assets,” says Martino. “Helping them do their best work is my top priority.”

Luckily, TVA has our own research team, skilled at crafting surveys and focus groups and analyzing their results for actionable insights. Our research team turned those skills inward and designed a methodology to inform the many decisions TVA was faced with: everything from whether we should offer a stipend for co-working spaces or sign a new office lease, to what kind of “vibe” people most liked to work in. (Peaceful and zen? Bustling and productive?) We shared the survey results during an in-person team building day (we call them “IRLs”) where staff shared feedback and brainstormed solutions in a group setting.

“I can’t tell you how helpful it was, not just to have employee feedback, but to have that qualitative and quantitative analysis.” says Martino. “It was the opposite of paralysis; I was excited. We could make decisions with confidence. I knew that even if we went in a direction that didn’t ultimately work out, we could go back to the data and say, ‘Well, this is why we decided to do that, and here is what we learned that will help us course-correct.’ I know this is a word that gets overused, but it was empowering, and not just for me but the whole staff.”

It didn’t take long for the TVA team to realize that most organizations would benefit from a similar service and their own staff insight. “We were hearing from our clients about the same exact struggles we were having,” says Martino. “There’s so much murkiness around what to do next, and here we were, sitting on something that could bring clarity to our partners.”

The result? We’re proud to introduce Vibe Check by Vida. More than a staff survey, Vibe Check by Vida is a rapidly deployed way to gain a pulse on where your staff stands today, along with industry and landscape insights about how other organizations are approaching similar challenges or decisions. It can be customized to meet the needs of nearly any organization, regardless of size, industry, or budget.

“We offer Vibe Check by Vida as an out-of-the box product, but it is also quite flexible,” says Martino. “We go through an extensive discovery process with each client so that they get the answers they seek and not a bunch of irrelevant noise.  It’s what we’re already good at—helping people connect, communicate, and move forward together. That’s so much easier to do when everyone is on the same page. You’re never going to be able to give every single employee everything they dream of, but they are much more likely to stay along for the ride if they’ve been heard.”

Contact The Vida Agency to find out how Vibe Check by Vida can help your people do their best work!

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