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How Gen Z helped “Find Your Freedom” for the ORCA Youth Program

three people taking a selfie on city street with Spanish text Descubre tu libertad and Orca logo.

TVA is fortunate to get the opportunity to work on many rewarding projects, such as the collaboration with King County Metro to develop an integrated campaign to increase its ORCA youth card program. 

Understanding the goal of increasing awareness and ridership within the ORCA youth card program, the TVA team began with a focus group to understand the needs and opportunities of the dynamic (and bilingual) Gen Z audience. A group of teens from Snohomish, King, and Pierce counties were surveyed and participated in a focus group to gather their insights about riding public transit in the Puget Sound region. 

A group of teenage students gather at a table.
Amalia calls on a young person with their hand up at a table of students

The focus group learnings then informed the creative strategy and campaign tactics for this region-wide campaign ultimately named, Find Your Freedom

Curious about the name? As it turns out, teens in the Puget Sound get excited about eliminating their reliance on others for rides so they maximize their time doing what they love with friends. The ORCA youth card helps them do just that. 

A young woman on a bus looks at her phone and smiles.

Find Your Freedom consisted of bilingual broadcast, digital, print, and transit advertisements, in addition to on-the-ground outreach to public schools. View the 30-second commercial that anchored the Find Your Freedom campaign here.  

The commercial follows a young teen who finds the freedom to explore the Puget Sound with her friends using her ORCA card.  

To find out more about the ORCA Youth Card, visit the website.  

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