We are so excited to welcome Lisa, Vida Agency’s first Creative Director! Lisa considers herself a polymath – she has knowledge that spans across a wide range of subjects, and she finds many things across many disciplines interesting. She likes to learn something new all the time.

At her core, Lisa is a storyteller, focused on emotions, visuals, and setting the scene. When she reads a book, she reads and absorbs every word. She imagines herself walking through the scene taking notice of way the air smells or the pattern of the wallpaper. She really immerses herself in the experience.

Lisa’s motto, “Creativity isn’t magic; it’s a process.”  If you relax and go through the process, your brain will stimulate new ideas.

What songs have you completely memorized?

Obviously, Happy Birthday. Otherwise, it would have to be something from my high school days. I grew up listening to the heavy metal genre, alternative with some country.  I can probably sing a good number of lyrics to various Steve Miller Band songs, Def Leppard, Depeche Mode, Hall & Oats, Garth Brooks’ “Friends in Low Places” and old KISS (is there any other KISS other than old KISS?).

When “classical rock” comes on, I’m oddly surprised how many lyrics I can remember.


If you could spend one year in any place on earth, where would it be?

It would definitely need to be a warmer climate, AND somewhere with good healthcare. Part of me feels like going to Hawaii, because it would be warmer, but I might get a little stir crazy on an island. My beau and I talk about going off to live in Ireland after our kids grow up, we could try that for a year. We also have friends living in Spain. I’d probably opt for somewhere in Spain.


What’s something you wish you could just put on a T-shirt so you could get it out of the way when meeting new people?

What you connect with other people over is so specific. There isn’t any global thing that’ll clue people into who I am and what our connection is, because it’s so personal. If I had to pick just one, it would be that “I’m a mom.” I didn’t see the movie “Bad Moms” but I know they did a fundraiser with shirts that said “Like a mother” and I loved it. It’s the perfect double meaning – I can do something nice like a mother, or mama bear out and be ready to defend.


What would your perfect vacation entail?

If it is a rest and relaxation vacation, it would include a beach, sun and the sound of waves. That is my heart song, that calms me and settles me.

If it is a bucket list type trip… I really want to see the northern lights. I want to go to Norway to see them – that’s where the bulk of my ancestry is located.


What fictional place would you most like to go to?

Hogwarts! I want to get on platform 9 ¾, go on the train, and buy myself a treat from the trolley. I remember seeing Rosie O’Donnell rave about the Harry Potter series and I thought there was no way they could really be for both adults and kids. Then I went to see the first movie, and I was like WHERE ARE THESE BOOKS?! It was so magical.

I remember standing in line with both adults and kids outside the Secret Garden Bookstore in Ballard waiting to buy the Order of the Phoenix. It was one of those time I felt like little kids didn’t mind you talking to them. We could all discuss how we felt about the books, our favorite moments and characters.


What are you interested in that most people haven’t heard of?

Seaweed farming! Look up Washington Sea Grants if you want to learn more about seaweed farming in Washington State. Greenwave is a great resource to see how ocean farming is taking shape on the East Coast.


What would be your first question after waking up from being cryogenically frozen for 100 years?

“What year is it? And where is the coffee?”


What is your absolute favorite kind of dessert?

That’s so hard! It depends on my mood. Sometimes, a marionberry crumble – nothing can beat that. Other times, nothing can beat chocolate mousse. One year, I really wanted a coconut cake for my birthday. It’s very dependent on my mood. I can’t pick just one.

What piece of entertainment do you wish you could erase from your mind so that you could experience it for the first time?

Going to see my first big stage musical. I saw 42nd Street around age 10 at the Spokane Opera House and I thought it was “Grand! Grand! Grand!”

What are you most excited for in your new role at The Vida Agency?

All of the possibilities! This is a place of excitement and positivity. We want to think big to do great things.

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