Gone are the days when our daily information came from TV, radio, and print. Today, we speak to our devices to access almost anything on the internet, flip through apps to stream podcasts and movies, and effortlessly update our friends and family on the daily events of our lives. So, in the age where everyone with a smart phone is a photographer, a social media influencer, or YouTuber, how do you stand out?

Here are 3 keys to creating content that resonates with your audience.

  1. Connect, don’t sell. Brands often view social media as free advertisement, or a place to push products or services. Followers pick channels because they connect with a brand. Social channel content should reinforce that connection by identifying with the follower on a human level, not a consumer one. Your content should revolve around shared values and identity. What do you want to share that your followers would also want to know?
  1. Consistency, consistency, consistency. Across all aspects of creation, distribution, and timing there should be consistency. Your audience will come to expect to read and hear the same voice and see the same visual identity. This type of consistency requires time, effort, and planning.
  1. Make your content engaging. This seems obvious but it can be harder to put into practice when you are continually developing content. If you develop a plan that has a rhythm to your posting, it is easier to come up with new ways to engage your audience. Content should grab attention through intriguing headlines that either make your audience think about what is being said or plainly announces the content. Engage your audience by making them pause and think or engage/inspire/influence/encourage them to take action/act.

Bonus tip: Always review your content from your audience’s point of view.


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