Leveling up takes time, energy, and space. To do so, something’s gotta give. 

However, particularly for small companies, where employees often grow into new positions, team members may find themselves gaining new responsibilities without having any tasks removed. While this might look from the outside like leveling up, it often results in treading water, or feeling flooded by an ever-mounting gauntlet of tasks.  

As a company that values work-life balance, this is something I am mindful of as The Vida Agency grows. 

Recognizing Opportunities to Re-Plate

Every time a team grows or brings in new expertise, it presents an opportunity to revisit what’s currently on your plate, and what’s ready to come off in order to make room for new skills or opportunities. If you’re already eating a Thanksgiving sized meal every day, then you’ll need to make space for your whole damn pie.

Below, I share an exercise to help you identify what you’ve currently got on your plate, and what can be removed from it to make room for leveling up.

What’s on your Plate?

Begin by identifying what’s taking your energy and time at present. Using the worksheet below, write down all of the tasks, roles, and responsibilities currently expected of you. If you’ve already completed our Leveling Up Worksheet, then you’ll be well prepared for this exercise.


Next, circle the items on your plate that make you feel stuck, drained, or at a standstill.

Now, underline items on the plate that give you a sense of joy, fulfillment, or purpose.

What can come OFF your Plate?

Look over the circled items on your plate. Which of these tasks no longer relates to your current role, interests, or vocation? Move these items to one of the side plates in the below worksheet. 

For each side plate, ask yourself: Is this task/role still necessary?

If it is, identify who it should be reassigned to and how you’ll transition relevant information and insights to them.

If it’s no longer a necessary role or task, then determine how best to wind it down so that it’s no longer on your plate.

Start with a Clean Plate

Now, begin anew with a fresh plate. Look over the underlined items on your original worksheet. Which of these tasks relates to your current role, interests, or vocation? Move these items to the clean plate in the worksheet below.

If any of the underlined items no longer relate, create a side plate for them in the second exercise.

If you completed the Passion Planner exercise, consider the 3 month, 1 year, 3 year, and lifetime goals you identified. Are there any roles or actions from your passion planner that aren’t already shown on your plate? If so, add them.

Reviewing everything on this fresh plate, as yourself:

  • Does this seem like an achievable workload?
  • What additional skills, training, or actions do I need to take in order to achieve my goals?
  • Is there anything else I wish were on this plate?
  • Is there enough empty space on my plate to grow and level up?


Even the best set plate can be overwhelming, and get in the way of your leveling up. Check out our post on planning for passion to help identify the priorities that will have the most positive impact on your life.

Try out our full worksheet !


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