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Meet Amir Sadeghi: Our Events Manager

Say Hello Again to Amir Sadeghi

“Hi, I’m Amir and I’d describe myself as a cool, calm, and collected go-getter.”

Amir recently moved into our newly created Event Manager role, so we chatted with him about the need for the position, how he’s getting on so far, and what he’s most excited for.

What’s the inspiration behind the role?

We noticed an overall desire for in-person connection and a lot of our clients were starting to return to in-person activations and community events, after the digital shift caused by COVID. We love getting together in person and want to offer assistance and support to our clients — because we know organizing and putting on an event is a lot harder than it looks!

As a result, I lead our events strategy and manage our overall event execution in a newly created role as Events Manager. Our goal is to first provide event strategy, management, and support services in innovative ways that are respectful of individual communities and their unique needs. Second, to bring focus to the positive impact an event can have as part of an overall engagement strategy.

What were you doing before?

For the last three years, I’ve been part of TVA’s business development team, helping to lead our partnering opportunities and meeting with potential clients and partners.

Before that, I worked in marketing for well-known brands such as Verizon, where I led the multicultural marketing initiatives for the Northwest. I also have a lot of experience focused on event strategy and execution to meet and reach different audiences. My experience covers everything from event sponsorship, launching products, services, and apps, to talking about business travel solutions.

Some career highlights are working on Copa America Centenario’s Seattle promotion and activation for Sprint. I also worked on a giant Seahawks helmet scavenger hunt to promote Verizon’s launch of NFL Mobile, Youth Soccer clinics in eastern WA, and Tidal and Sprint’s partnership for exclusive music releases for the Northwest region, to name a few.

What does being an Event Manager involve?

I lead our work with clients and our internal teams on event strategies to help meet specific goals and objectives for campaigns and community engagement projects. I also lead the execution of events to ensure we are meeting goals and continuing to innovate for our clients.

What events do you typically help with?

Everything from summer festivals to social mixers. For example, if there’s a major part of the city that’s going to undergo construction, the client may want to gain community feedback throughout various phases of the project. So, our team helps organize community events that allow the public a chance to get briefed on a project and share any feedback they might have. We recently organized a community art project where community members had fun painting portions of a large mural that will be displayed in downtown Seattle to raise awareness about a project.

Our motto is to go to where people are, so we’ll do popups where we might have a table at a grocery store, a booth at a fair, or a community celebration, to capture people’s feedback or run a survey. The events and tactics may vary, but the main theme is engaging with our communities honestly, authentically, and with purpose.

What’s the value of working with an Event Manager?

If people don’t have experience organizing events, they often think that having people on site with a table and some chairs will be enough to encourage people to engage and have meaningful conversations. But this isn’t the case.

I bring the strategy and expertise to help clients make their offerings as appealing as possible. I plan with the client how they want to show up in each unique community, and create a space that draws attention or initiates conversation. Maybe it’s an opportunity to win something or an interactive game or app that they can engage with.

What uniqueness does TVA bring?

As a multicultural marketing agency, we have a unique awareness and understanding of the individuals and communities that are often overlooked or underserved. So, it’s a chance for us to ensure that those individuals are being seen and then to strategize with our clients to help them engage these communities at events that they don’t normally participate in. The important piece is showing up where people are.

We start by respectfully going to them. We can show up with bilingual staff if needed and materials in up to 20 languages. This gives us the ability to show up authentically to the communities we serve on behalf of our clients.

What are you most excited for?

I’m really excited that this is a brand-new role that hasn’t existed for TVA. It gives me an opportunity to be creative, take some risks, and really build the foundation for growth in this area.

It’s inspiring to be part of shaping what exactly the “TVA way” is when it comes to event strategy and impact.

What’s your favorite thing about working at TVA?

I really like and respect the people I work with — everyone’s collaborative and team oriented. Plus, egos are nonexistent, in the sense that we all are contributing to a project and want to ensure that the client is getting our best work. It’s cool that everybody has that mindset, because you feel respected and appreciated. Each of us brings a diverse background to the projects which is extremely valuable.

Need help with your event marketing? Get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!