Today we’d like to take the time to introduce Amir! Amir has joined TVA as Marketing and Business Development Manager. He’s grown up in the Pacific Northwest around the Seattle area and attended Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA. Prior to joining us, Amir spent time leading marketing initiatives for major brands within the wireless and travel industries. In his free time, Amir likes spending time with his family, supporting his 6-year-old son’s athletic endeavors, catching a great concert, and traveling. Since we are all working in a remote environment and don’t get those casual office conversations, we asked Amir some fun questions to get to know him better.

What excited you most about joining The Vida Agency?

I’ve known our Founder Amalia for years, so I’m really excited to see what she’s created as a company and growing agency, plus work with this awesome team. There’s such a great mix of projects, clients, and industries we’re working in. The more I looked at TVA, I got more and more excited to be a part of the team and to make an impact in such a positive way.

The last year has been an absolute whirlwind, what’s one piece of advice you’d give yourself or others heading into March of 2020?

Hang on and don’t lose focus. Don’t lose hope. If we look throughout history, there have been crazy moments from pandemics and diseases to wars and somehow humanity always gets through it. No matter what things are looking like, even if it’s something we haven’t experienced, if you look at history you’ll see our resilience.. This is something that’s motivated me during this time. Keeping a positive mind set and outlook has been key.

What’s one movie that everyone should see at least once?

Hmmm…I actually have two. I’m really into mob movies so Goodfellas is the first one that comes to mind. It’s the one poster I remember getting for my dorm room in college. SO many great actors, and the story line, it’s captivating. The second movie would be Rocky, because who doesn’t love a great comeback story. At some point in our lives, we’ve all had to overcome something. The theme song alone motivates you, ha!

Would you rather go scuba diving or sky diving?

I’ve done neither and neither one is on my list. If I have to choose, I’d go scuba diving. Unless neither was an answer…ha! But, a beautiful beach has always been my happy place. From Puerto Rico to Hawaii…seriously leave me there for a day or a month!

If you could teleport anywhere in the world for lunch, where would you go?

I’ve always wanted to go to Monaco. Maybe it’s the James Bond films that inspire that, but I’ve heard its beautiful, the scenery being right on the water. I’d probably stay past lunch though!

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