It’s a busy time at The Vida Agency. Today we get to introduce you to another new team member, Emma! Emma has joined TVA as a Research Coordinator and is a great addition to our awardwinning research team. Emma graduated from the University of Puget Sound with a double major political science and communication studies. Since graduating (in the middle of a pandemic) Emma has been interning for a political polling group. Check out what we asked Emma to get to know her a bit better.  

What interested you about The Vida Agency?

I really stand for the same values that The Vida Agency does, so felt really connected to the work. I was also really excited through the interview process and getting to meet Tamara, Amalia, and Mafe. They all seemed to really like each other and enjoy the work. Agency life really appealed to me from a research perspective since I will get the opportunity to work on all sorts of projects.

If you had to give a 10-minute presentation on one subject right now off the top of your head, what would you choose?

My first thought was my dog, but if it had to be 10-minutes, that wouldn’t be enough time. I would give a presentation on books that get non-readers into reading. I like helping inspire people to read, and love reading myself so it would be easy. I do this for my friends anyway.

What is something that most people don’t know about you?  Do you have a fun Emma fact?

My mom and I used to be very dedicated to rating French fries in our area and we took it super seriously. With or without salt? Did they need ketchup? When either of us were having a bad day, we would get French fries. The all-time winner was a very expensive French restaurant in Napa that served their fries in a flower pot.

What’s something on your bucket list that you doubt is on many others?

This isn’t that original, but with my last name of Harrington I’ve always wanted to go back to the town of Harrington in Ireland. I have lots of ancestorial history there, and even some family. It would be very special to go with my dad.

What’s your favorite kind of tree?

An Aspen tree. We had a cabin in the Sierra’s with a grove in our backyard that used to rustle in the wind in a special way. I am a big fan.

If you could attend a musical performance of anyone living or dead, who would you see?

We had a good family friend pass away recently that had a band that even played at my parents wedding. Every year they would play at Christmas parties and everyone would have an amazing time. I would love to get all those people together for one last gig and party.

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