Today we are introducing you to another new member of our team, Luis. Luis grew up in the small town of Yelm, Washington, and as a first-generation student, he attended Central Washington University (CWU). During his time at CWU, Luis began organizing students on campus and created a group to help undocumented students receive financial aid. Luis has consistently worked hard to help underrepresented communities. From volunteering at an immigration law firm, to helping provide rental assistance for those affected by Covid, Luis has consistently dedicated his time to helping others and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have him join The Vida Agency as an Outreach Coordinator.  

We asked Luis some fun questions to let you, and us, get to know him better: 

What interested you most about The Vida Agency? 

I had a chance to work with TVA as a fellow for LCF (Latino Community Fund) on the BReady. BHydrated campaign. liked that TVA is women ran so when I saw that TVA was hiring,  I knew I had to be a part of this team. Leadership was a big driving force for me. 

If you could learn to cook one meal perfectly, what would you choose? Why? 

Its not a meal, but I would love to learn how to make macaroons. I tried a couple days ago, and they were super flat.  

If you had to come up with a title for your autobiography right now, what would it be?  

Oh gosh. I honestly don’t know. Young and Reckless. I used to live my college career like that, and those decisions came back to haunt me. Taught me some hard lessons 

If you had 24 hours to teleport to the most peaceful place you could imagine, where would you go? 

I think I would go to Norway. I have friends there from a high school exchange program and I live through them. Whenever they go skiing, I get to see the landscape and it just looks super peaceful. 

What sport would you want to win a gold medal in at the Olympics? 

I don’t know if soccer is in the Olympics, but I played in high schoolI also used to run my miles in less than 6 minutes so maybe I could do something running related.  

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