Believe it or not, we have yet another team member to introduce: our summer intern, Ryann! Ryann is about to enter her senior year at Washington State University where she is majoring in communications with an emphasis in public relations.

On our team, Ryann is gaining valuable hands-on experience in creative campaign development. In addition, she has been invaluable in helping with content creation and managing TVA’s social media presence and consistently sharing input to strengthen outreach and engagement.

Outside the office Ryann enjoys spending time with friends and family, hanging out with her dog Guinness, and shopping for awesome new outfits. She also loves cooking and exploring new culinary realms. Growing up in Edmonds, Ryann also loves spending time down near the water at the Edmonds Beach.

If you could teleport anywhere in the world for lunch tomorrow, where would you go?

Japan for sushi. I like ahi sashimi *mmmm*, and I like the white dragon roll. They probably don’t have it in Japan but it has crab on top and avocado. Kind of like a California roll.

If you could start your own business, what kind of business would you start?

A restaurant. It would be a boujee one. And it would have a club downstairs.  A super boujee secret club. They would definitely serve steak at the restaurant. Really good steak. Like Filet Mignon.

If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you be?

A dog, but in a really nice family. One that would worship the ground I walk on. I would be an all-black German Shepherd.

Why is a tennis ball fuzzy?

Maybe to go through the air better? Or so when it hits you it doesn’t hurt? Maybe aerodynamics.

What is one skill that you would love to learn?

I would love to learn how to produce a movie. I would produce comedies. Talladega Nights is my favorite comedy.

What is your favorite smell?

Cologne. I don’t know what kind. I get those smelly air fresheners for my car, the ones that smell like cologne. Or lavender, I like lavender also.

What four people, living or dead, would you invite to a dinner party if you knew they’d attend?

Chrissy Teigen, Kevin Hart, whomever created Tiffany and Co. (I have a lot of questions for that person), and Britney Spears (I know all her songs).

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