Today we have the pleasure of introducing another one of our new team members, Renee.  Renee grew up in Lake Stevens and joins The Vida Agency as one of our new Research Coordinators. As a total foodie, Renee enjoys cooking and trying new restaurants in her free time. We are ecstatic to have her joining our team, and as always, asked a few questions to get to know her better.  

 What interested you about TVA? 

I’d struggled to find the job that met everything I wanted to do, but TVA felt perfect. I loved the equity and social justice values, the wide range of work, and the culture. I have always been drawn to this work, but really had a hard time finding somewhere that lined up with my values and skills. 

What was your least favorite food as a child? What about your favorite? Have those changed? 

My least favorite was avocados and guacamole, which is crazy to think about. It ended up changing and I now love them. For a favorite, I always loved pasta growing up. Spaghetti, stir fry, ramen, any kind of pasta or noodle. 

What country did you last visit outside of the USA? 

I went to Cancun, Mexico. I never had been and it was super fun. I loved the weather, the food, and the water activities. I went snorkeling at an underwater museum that had all sorts of crazy statues and a sunken car. I also tried cactus tacos for the first time.  

What’s your favorite restaurant in Seattle? 

My first thought is a Thai restaurant down the street. It’s called Rom Mai Thai and has a really great fried rice. 

What’s your favorite season? 

Definitely fall. It used to be summer when I was younger, but now fall. August to October. 

Tell me about something on your bucket list? 

Going back to traveling and outside of the country again. When things get safer and back to normal, I’d love to do some solo traveling. I’d love to go back to Mexico or somewhere I don’t know the language, I liked that aspect of traveling abroad. I’d like to go to Italy too for the art and of course, the pasta. 

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