Today we are introducing you to our new Senior Account Project Coordinator, StaseaStasea grew up in Palmdale, California near the Antelope Valley. Growing up in a big family, Stasea developed natural leadership skills as she helped look after her siblings. Human connection has always been a focus for Stasea as she learned and grew in her time before attending Cal State Fullerton. While there, Stasea created a podcast that spoke about the experiences and struggles of first-generation students and interned at a non-profit therapy clinic where she learned about resilience. Resilience has played a huge role in Stasea’s life as she’s learned to turn pain and suffering in to power and perseverance. Stasea is currently finishing her master’s degree at the University of Washington and we could not be more excited to have her joining TVA. Check out the conversation below to learn more about Stasea! 

What excites you the most about joining TVA? 

I am absolutely thrilled to work with organizations that are committed to creating equitable environments and social justice work. I am grateful for the opportunity to bring my authentic self to the party.  

What reality show (or kind of reality show) would you want to appear in? 

I really wouldn’t want to be on a reality showprefer to be a hermit, small but energetic. I like to be low key. 

If you could have your work from home desk be next to a window that looks out on any scenery you wanted, what would you look at all day? 

I would love to look out and see my current view. This view of the water, sun outside, the university bridge, it’s just beautiful.  

When was the last time you did something for the first time? 

Last week. I was inspired by a cooking show and decided to cook octopus. I gave it a try and it was really good and easy. All you do is add lemon, thyme, salt, and a wine cork to boiling water. 

What was the worst job you ever had? 

It was the worst best job. Working at a greeting card shop – American Greetings – and no one came in. It was fun when people came in and got to help people wrap gifts, pick out cards, etc., but it was the worst because I read a lot of corny cards.  

Tell us about your pets! 

My dog’s name is Chewy, and he is a Yorkie with a whole lot of attitudeMy aunt had him for the first six years of his life and I have had him the past two. He is turning nine soonHis astrological sign is a Taurus and usually I don’t give it much weight, but he acts like one. He’s very stubborn. In fact, we were butting heads in the beginning because he wanted to be the boss. Eventually we grew comfortable with each other, and now trusts me to lead him. He gets lots of cuddles to reward his beta behaviorHe’s named after Chewbacca, but also chews on things until the cotton comes out. 

What does your perfect breakfast look like? 

I’m fancy. It would be a charcuterie board with breakfast stuff such as fruit, cheese, pancakes, apricot preserve, syrup, vegan sausages, eggs, and a good cup of coffee.  

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