Today we get to introduce you to another one of our new Research Coordinators, Zhonghao! Known simply as “Z” around TVA, Zhonghao was born in Beijing before moving to Vienna, Austria as a child. He came to the US to attend George Washington University in Washington DC before moving to Seattle. As a home body, Z enjoys stand-up comedy, and has taken up some video gaming during the pandemic. Z also has an impressive creative side and enjoys crafting. In our TVA West office, Z has helped decorate with some amazing wire art, and really enjoys using his hands to create. Keep reading to see what fun stuff we asked Zhonghao. 

What interested you about TVA? 

The work mostly. I am very interested in research and people. The role was a great fit and I love the work that TVA does with public policy. Work that improves people’s lives.  

What’s your favorite breakfast? 

I don’t know if this is a controversial opinion, but I’m not a breakfast person. I usually have a granola bar or some fruit and that usually lasts me until lunch time.  

What about a favorite lunch or dinner? 

I like piles of things on rice – Jambalaya, a Chipotle bowl, Japanese curry. Things you can mix together.  

If you could learn one new skill, what would you learn? 

I like the idea of learning things, but have a hard time following through. Practically, some form of computer programming would be very useful, but it’s not super appealing to me. Maybe another language, Spanish would be very useful for work. I’ve been watching some Korean shows on Netflix, so Korean would be nice too.  

What’s one movie or TV show that everyone should watch? 

I’d like to bring Stargate into the Star Wars and Star Trek conversation; I like one episode one story shows. Having said that, I’ve been watching Ted Lasso and it’s a light-hearted show. We need more of those. 

If you were to write a book, what genre would it be? Thriller? Mystery? Romance? Historical Fiction? 

Probably fantasy, I like the world building and if you’re stuck you can just make stuff up. Other genres require more technical knowledge.  

And lastly, if you could be friends with one fictional character, who would you be friends with? 

This is hard. So many characters live in such dramatic worlds and I don’t really want to be part of that. Maybe someone from a sitcom. No one specifically, but those always seem like a fun environment to be in.  

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