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The Vida Agency

Award-Winning Northwest Marketing and Media Companies, The Vida Agency (TVA) and Converge Media, Form Strategic Partnership

For Immediate Release
May 25, 2022

Seattle, WA – The Vida Agency, (TVA) and Converge Media announced today a strategic partnership to align core company competencies to better serve the diverse communities across the Northwest. The Vida Agency, founded by Amalia Martino, is a woman and minority-owned, multicultural communications company renowned for their deep fluency in the nuances of cultural competence and work with diverse and traditionally underserved communities. Converge Media is the trusted resource for culturally compassionate, community news and entertainment tailored for Black and urban Northwest audiences.

Both companies center all their work in the pursuit of racial and social equity for underrepresented communities and help bridge the gaps between industries and communities to ensure that every voice is heard. As part of the collaboration, The Vida Agency will help support Converge Media’s advertising and sponsorship programs enabling the Converge team to focus on content creation and expansion. Converge Media currently produces more than 15 shows with coverage spanning local news, arts and culture, current events and trends, pop culture, politics and policy, LGBTQ+, sports, lifestyle and travel, music and more. 

“Inclusive marketing is no longer optional. It is a key driver of business success,” says Amalia Martino, Founder and President of The Vida Agency. “The brands able to have success in cultivating strong and authentic connections with diverse audiences will be those who commit the time, research, dollars, and learnings necessary to create culturally appropriate programs and campaigns,” adds Martino. “Together with Converge, we stand ready to help companies across the country connect with an engaged multicultural audience in Seattle and beyond through Converge Media’s extensive range of innovative marketing and advertising placement opportunities.”

“It is important that Converge Media partners with agencies and organizations that clearly represent our core values around community,” says Omari Salisbury, Founder and CEO, Converge Media. “With The Vida Agency we have a partner that brings a lot of heart to the streets and muscle to the boardroom to ensure that any brands interested in aligning with Converge Media understand our mission and values.”

The Vida Agency and Converge Media have worked together for several years, originally collaborating on the Be Ready Be Hydrated public awareness and counter marketing campaign, when they formed a community-based coalition of organization and youth who were part of the priority population to develop a multicultural counter-marketing campaign that spoke to the community. Currently, the Converge and TVA teams are working together on Build the Beach for Us by Us, to raise awareness about construction career and subcontractor opportunities generated by the Rainier Beach High School rebuild for the students, alumni, and WMBE businesses in the Rainier Valley.

About The Vida Agency

The Vida Agency (TVA) is a full-service communications company specializing in the development and execution of award-winning brand campaigns for market segments such as health, transportation, retail, consumer, public policy, and education. TVA services span research, strategy, creative execution, and reporting in support of public agencies and private corporations to collaboratively reach diverse audiences for greater cultural impact. TVA’s creative campaigns set the standard for equitable communications that authentically connect clients with audiences, resulting in widespread annual industry recognition. TVA’s recent awards include a Northwest Regional Emmy for Community Health Plan of Washington’s “Tu eres el centro/You are the center” campaign and multiple Communicator Awards for the Be Ready. Be Hydrated campaign. To learn more, please visit. The Vida Agency is proud to be a women-and minority-owned business. State WMBE: M5F0025227 Federal DBE: D5F0025227

Media Contact:

Janine Worthington
Director Strategic Communications and
Media Relations
The Vida Agency (TVA)
(206) 354-9093