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The Vida Agency Unveils Shatter + Forge™, a Groundbreaking Community Engagement Model Built on Trust, Respect, and Fair Compensation 

For Immediate Release  
November 15, 2023

Edmonds, WA – The Vida Agency (TVA), trailblazers in social impact marketing, announced today the launch of Shatter + Forge™, a groundbreaking model for community engagement. Shatter + Forge is a new and better way for companies, government agencies, and community organizations to gather feedback from diverse communities by connecting their voices to the projects and policies directly affecting them.

Shatter + Forge weaves trust, respect, flexibility, and equitable compensation into every community interaction, with three levels of participation: 

Community Contributors  

Shatter + Forge maintains a diverse and growing roster of individual Community Contributors willing to participate in surveys, focus groups, and interviews for pay. Contributors learn about projects and initiatives that affect their communities, and companies benefit from deeper and more meaningful feedback.  

Community Networkers  

Shatter + Forge Community Networkers build relationships between organizations. These individual leaders and community-based organizations participate in a TVA project for up to twelve months. As with any consultant, TVA provides Networkers with outreach support and pays them directly for their expertise, not via stipends or gift cards. This structured approach maintains respectful boundaries around access to community members and prevents burnout.   

Equity Advisory Board 

The Shatter + Forge Equity Advisory Board holds TVA accountable for its social justice approach and practices. They identify issues in the community, help solve problems, and leverage their networks to ensure TVA consistently builds and sustains strong community relationships. This two-way street also gives board members access to programs and information that can benefit their communities.  

“Following the 2020 reckoning on racial injustice and inequality, many companies solicited input from marginalized communities in burdensome ways,” shared Amalia Martino, TVA Founder and President. “We created Shatter + Forge to foster mutually beneficial interactions among public agencies, private companies, and the diverse communities they serve,” added Martino. “Shatter + Forge is a platform built for the community, by the community. Our goal is to amplify the voices of the underserved while educating our clients on the value of equitable compensation.”  

“Working as a Shatter + Forge Community Networker has been so refreshing,” shares Tiffany Reese, Shatter + Forge Community Networker. “This model is such a break from the norm and makes me feel like my efforts are truly valued. I feel like my voice is heard and TVA’s clients are truly committed to reaching deep in the community to ensure resources are getting to those who are so often left behind.” 

To learn more about becoming a Shatter + Forge community member, or to leverage Shatter + Forge community insights for your project, please visit Shatter + Forge.

About The Vida Agency

The Vida Agency (TVA) is a woman-and-minority-owned social impact marketing agency specializing in equity-driven communications, community engagement, and creative campaigns. Through this work, TVA helps build relationships that transform how government agencies and private businesses engage with the diverse communities they serve. TVA services span research, strategy, paid and earned media, and creative execution to help clients build culturally relevant campaigns that connect. Recent awards include a Northwest Regional Emmy for Community Health Plan of Washington’s “Tu eres el centro/You are the center” campaign and multiple Communicator Awards for the Be Ready. Be Hydrated campaign. To learn more, please visit. The Vida Agency is proud to be a women-and minority-owned business. State WMBE: M5F0025227 Federal DBE: D5F0025227 

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