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The Vida Agency
A collage of photos on a red background featuring a skyscraper on the left with the Learn with Lydig Career Discovery logo placed over it, a woman in hard hat in the center, two men in hard hats working with rebar on the right, and a drone flying over their heads.

Learn with Lydig: Career Discovery

Educational Website & Video Production

Lydig Construction doesn’t just make buildings; they craft spaces for and with the communities that will use them. That includes building career pathways for the next generation. But in an industry where more than 20% of the workforce is over 55, Lydig knows they need to do more than just recruitment, they have to change how young people perceive careers in construction. To that end, in 2020 TVA built the Learn with Lydig website targeted at elementary school students, and in 2022 we worked to expand the program to highschoolers through a Lydig Career Discovery site. The goals were to illustrate what the industry has to offer beyond “hard hat” work to jobs in management, design, engineering, and more, as well as the perks of competitive salaries, low to no student debt, and job security.



Location outside, young woman wearing a hard hat and construction vest next to a block of text that reads: we need youth. Over 20% of construction workers are over 55.
location inside an office building, a woman in a blue jacket and white shirt is standing next to a man in a blue sweater in front of a drone with words next to them that read: no debt required. Just 18% of construction workers have a 4-year degree.


Committed to a process of audience co-creation, we supplemented what we learned working with students at an urban high school, by engaging with rural high school students through a highly interactive, two-hour focus group at Cheney High School. We then followed up with a survey where focus group participants weighed in on the site logo, content, and visual assets. Having heard the teens’ preference for infographics as well as short videos about real construction workers, we shot ten “day in the life” videos of Lydig employees and partners, with each video accompanied by a career roadmap.

A woman in a cranberry blazer and black shirt sits in front of a fireplace. To the right is a text box that reads: Melinda Herrin, Mechanical Engineer.
A man in a black hat and yellow shirt standing in front of a banner. To the left is a text box that reads: Maurice McKelvin, Labor Foreman.
A man in a grey sweater sits in front of a fireplace. To the right is a text box that reads: Brian Ho, Architect.


The final website content and design allows teens to self-direct their discovery, explore the many construction career paths open to them, and engage directly with Lydig. And Lydig now has a hub for its educational outreach that showcases their deep commitment to community. They are also well positioned to execute their overarching strategy to build more authentic student engagement opportunities and create a recruitment pipeline for many years to come.