Be Ready. Be Hydrated.

Public Awareness and Counter-Marketing Campaign

Create a public awareness and counter-marketing campaign for the community, by the community.



Reduce the demand for sweetened-sugar beverages (SSB), expose the motives of SSB producers and the marketing tactics they use, highlight the adverse health effects of SSB consumption, and promote a healthier alternative.



Form a community-based coalition comprised of organization and youth who serve and are part of the priority population to develop a multicultural counter-marketing campaign that speaks to the community.



Implement multicultural, cross-platform marketing and outreach plan to reach the priority and secondary population during a global pandemic. Tactics included digital, social, broadcast, outreach, and environmental.

Water bottle with drink water stickers
water bottle distribution booth
a child holding a water bottle covered in stickers
four children holding water bottles
screenshot of website in English
screenshot of website in Spanish
front side of information card in English
back side of information card in Spanish

330,000 impressions

 on Video and Audio Streaming

2 million impressions

 via digital retargeting 

500,000 impressions

on Social Media

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