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The Vida Agency

WSDOT Workforce Diversity

Bilingual Awareness Campaign

“Consultants working in diversity, equity and inclusion need communications professionals that can help us show the successes of the hard work.”
– Regina Glenn, Diversity and Inclusion Manager, WSDOT Megaprograms

WSDOT has two programs aimed at complying with the HEAL Act by making WSDOT a more diverse place to work for and with: the PASS program and the Megaprogram. Because of our deep experience and authentic connection to diverse communities, the WSDOT Office of Equity and Civil Rights engaged TVA and our partner Converge Media to spread the word.


Washington State Department of Transportation

Online ad featuring a woman in hard hat covered in stickers.
Online ad in Spanish with the headline Building Washington Together


We centered community using a tailored, data-driven strategy grounded in authentic relationships. We also built custom website landing pages in both English and Spanish that featured community members already successfully engaged with both programs. The goals were to engage with newcomers and provide them with streamlined access to pre-apprentice, apprentice, and contractor opportunities.   

: Woman smiling with safety glasses resting on her head.
Man smiling wearing a hard hat covered in stickers
Woman smiling
Woman smiling wearing a safety vest


“Building Washington Together” / “Costruyendo Washington Juntos” campaign amplified community voices. We drove traffic to the landing pages through a statewide digital and multicultural media campaign that leveraged our longstanding relationships with mainstream and multicultural media outlets. The campaign’s inspiring narrative spoke to the uplifting power of being a part of one of the most complex, progressive transportation efforts in the nation. Campaign ads and videos featured apprentices whose lives and legacies have been transformed through a career in transportation, program instructors passionate about the impact of their work in community, and business owners who are tapping into opportunities from which people like them have historically been excluded.

Online ad featuring a woman smiling and the headline Building Washington Together


We connected—and then some. Together, the WSDOT PASS and Megaprogram campaigns garnered nearly 6 million impressions, with both English and Spanish ads generating an average click-through-rate well above the industry benchmark. Our videos also garnered an average view-through-rate of above 70%, which means that 70% of our audience watched our advertisements for the full 30 seconds. In addition, website conversion actions such as “Explore More” and “Discover More” were clicked through just shy of 1,500 times. This means that after clicking through, our audience members continued to be engaged.

“It was fun, efficient, and effective.”

– Regina Glenn, Diversity and Inclusion Manager, WSDOT Megaprograms