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Woman sitting on couch looking at a computer and a little girl coloring behind her on couch.

You Are the Center

Bilingual brand awareness for busy moms

Community Health Plan of Washington (CHPW) was at a crossroads with their brand recognition and had reached a plateau in enrollment. Increased competition in the marketplace meant more options for those eligible to receive benefits under Washington State’s Apple Health. In addition, they had differing levels of brand awareness among English and Spanish speaking members of the population.

CHPW engaged The Vida Agency to leverage our experience creating bilingual healthcare campaigns that resonate with Black and Brown communities. We were tasked with creating a brand awareness campaign that aligned with CHPW’s values and belief that each member is someone deeply deserving of a healthy life.


Community Health Plan of Washington


Emmy Award Winner


The Vida Agency reviewed research previously conducted by CHPW revealing that many family healthcare decisions are made by extremely busy women. They work, take care of their families, and are extremely resourceful. They seek a plan enabling them to make healthcare decisions for themselves, and an ability to support those decisions with resources found in their communities.

To gain insights into key messages and creative visuals, The Vida Agency hosted an additional focus group including the priority demographic audience in the Seattle area.


Woman in yellow shirt and apron cooking on stove and smiling with text in Spanish Tú eres el centro. And bottom text Sabemos que haces mucho, pero recuerda, no estás sola. Servicios de salud confiables hechos para ti. And Community Health Plan of Washington logo to the bottom right.
Infant boy sitting on women's lap up against a bookshelf on the library floor reading a book with text You are at the center. And text below You do a lot but you are not alone. Trusted health services centered around you. And Community Health Plan of Washington logo on the bottom right.

The Vida Agency created “You are the Center” bilingual campaign which focused creative on storytelling around CHPW’s primary audience identified in their research. We created “Sofia,” a hard-working, resourceful woman in charge of healthcare decisions for her family. It was important to represent “Sofia” as a whole person with the same desire and right to healthcare and family wellness as those not seeking a managed plan. The campaign needed to communicate to “Sofia” that CHPW was a plan that recognized her, respected her, continually worked to provide resources beyond the usual plan options, and placed her at the center of healthcare decisions.

In order to resonate equally with both English and Spanish-speaking audiences, it was critical to create two equally compelling videos. While the script was consistent, we produced distinct videos, cast two separate families, and shot footage in different locations to ensure each home and family activities reflected cultural nuances.

The “You are the Center” campaign showcases “Sofia” as the center of her family, community, and health care decisions. Documentary authentic feel commercials filmed with real families highlighted a day in the life of “Sofia” along with CHPW’s recognition of her as a whole person. TV, radio, and digital commercials were supported by updated promotional material and website content using similar messaging and photography from the commercial shoots.


CHPW’s in-house marketing team implemented the campaign strategy leveraging the creative assets provided by TVA. CHPW’s “You are the Center” campaign was developed and approved prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. The original plan was to film videos and take photos in Seattle and Yakima with an additional photoshoot in Spokane. As the virus spread and protections against the spread increased, we knew we needed to pivot but still deliver the campaign vision. Following state guidelines, we kept our filming locations local, found sets that allowed for most of the production crew to work outside, hired talent that lived in the same house and could safely take off their masks to film, and kept the number of camera crew in the “hot set” to a bare minimum. These efforts resulted not only in the delivery of the Emmy Award winning commercial, but in the health and safety of the talent, crew, and client on set.