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The Vida Agency
Side view of six young people sitting with paper in their lap.

Community Engagement

Show up, listen then speak, and always follow through

Community engagement is about building two-way conversations between an entity and members of the public. We no longer live in a world where disseminating information is enough. Feedback is received frequently and in real-time. We’ve made it our mission and business to help clients engage with community meaningfully, authentically, and with purpose. Our team can help identify the right communities to engage with and build a respectful plan that works for all. With TVA’s relationships, multilingual capabilities, and cultural insights, we make the ideal partner for your multicultural engagement needs and community outreach efforts.


  • Public engagement plans
  • Multilingual community outreach
  • Digital strategies
  • Bilingual staffing
  • Events
  • Translation/Transcreation
  • Interpretation