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The Vida Agency
Shatter and Forge

Shatter + Forge

A New Model for Community Engagement

Shatter + Forge™ is a groundbreaking new model for community engagement from The Vida Agency. It weaves trust, respect, flexibility, and equitable compensation into every community interaction, with three levels of participation.

Person holding out a mobile phone displaying the Shatter and Forge logo.
Black and light blue Shatter and Forge contributor logo.

Community Contributors

Shatter + Forge maintains a diverse roster of individual Community Contributors willing to participate in surveys, focus groups, and interviews for pay. Contributors learn about projects and initiatives that affect their communities, and companies benefit from deeper and more meaningful feedback. TVA values your trust and privacy and does not share your personal information.

Group of diverse people standing outside and smiling.
Black and yellow Shatter and Forge networker logo.

Community Networker

Shatter + Forge Community Networkers build relationships between organizations. These individual leaders and community-based organizations participate in a TVA project for up to twelve months. As with any consultant, TVA provides Networkers with outreach support and pays them directly for their expertise, not via stipends or gift cards. This structured approach maintains respectful boundaries around access to community members and prevents burnout. TVA respects your right to choose who you share your information with, so we keep it confidential. 

Woman with talking to another woman at a table.
Black and brown Shatter and Forge Equity Advisor logo.

Equity Advisory Board

The Shatter + Forge Equity Advisory Board holds TVA accountable to its social justice approach and practices. This trusted group of social justice advisors identifies issues in the community, helps solve problems, and leverages their networks to ensure TVA consistently builds and sustains strong community relationships. This two-way street also gives board members access to insider knowledge that can benefit their communities.