Strategic Communications

Communication with purpose yields results

At TVA, we approach strategic communications with a clear understanding of the project goal and through the lens of those you are trying to reach. We’re experienced in creating impactful messaging for various audiences, designing effective materials, and planning and managing distribution through several marketing tactics: digital, traditional, outdoor, transit and earned and paid media. Engaging key internal and external stakeholders, allies, cultural and community influencers can deliver another level of effectiveness and impact.


  • Messaging
  • Content strategy
  • Social media strategy
  • Communications plans
  • Public relations
  • Storytelling
  • Newsletters
  • Digital communications
  • Transcreation
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Community Engagement

Show up, listen then speak, and always follow through

Community engagement is about building two-way conversations between an entity and members of the public. We no longer live in a world where disseminating information is enough. Feedback is received frequently and in real-time. We’ve made it our mission and business to help clients engage with community meaningfully, authentically, and with purpose. Our team can help identify the right communities to engage with and build a respectful plan that works for all. With TVA’s relationships, multilingual capabilities, and cultural insights, we make the ideal partner for your multicultural engagement needs and community outreach efforts.


  • Public engagement plans
  • Multilingual community outreach
  • Digital strategies
  • Bilingual staffing
  • Events
  • Translation / Transcreation
  • Interpretation
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Equity & Social Justice

Connect to community by grounding your people and systems in trust, respect, and inclusion

As in any relationship, building the trust required for healthy communication takes time and a whole lot of effort. Our role is not to tell you what to say or even how to say it, but to equip you with the tools to listen and respond. Those tools will be unique to your organization; they may include shifting your culture, healing through missteps, and building new norms and different relationships. The good news is, we’ll be right there with you every step of the way with an approach to ESJ that combines solid research methodologies with Indigenous healing and learning practices.

We offer a personal, practical, and humanized approach to the work with services for every area of your organization.

  • Executive Leadership Coaching & Organizational Development
    • Executive Retreats: Our approach to leading executive retreats blends indigenous healing practices, management research, and results-oriented facilitation to define and achieve your desired outcome. We will partner with your team to design a retreat agenda that identifies a specific goal, and pathway to achieve that goal. Whether you are looking to incorporate ESJ into your strategic planning, assessing your company’s current ESJ practices, or just starting your ESJ journey, we can help you navigate along the way.
    • Learning & Healing Circles: TVA’s healing and learning circles are based in indigenous healing practices and are one-of-a-kind, bespoke experiences that meet individuals and teams where they are on their journey. Circles offer a unique approach to addressing persistent, complicated challenges at the individual and organizational levels by centering the humans involved in the process. Through dialogue, trust building, and radical honesty, TVA can hold Circle for your team to heal, grow, and forge the bonds that lead to a healthier, more productive, and just company culture
  • Custom ESJ Training & Facilitation
    • Training and Education: Led by our team of expert facilitators and trainers, TVA offers a series of learning opportunities that address common challenges such as integrating equity and social justice into community engagement, marketing and communications, and employee engagement. In partnership with your team, we can combine these classes into a series of training and/or workshops or develop new curricula that address your unique needs.
  • Culturally Aligned Engagement
  • Transcreation
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Great creative is an intellectual and emotional exchange

It’s that moment of connection. When you see a social post worth sharing, a video worth watching, a website worth browsing, or a campaign that makes you pause. Our award-winning creative brings ideas and campaigns to life while ensuring all elements are culturally appropriate and compelling. We create messaging and creative content that resonates with your priority audience and influences behaviors.


  • Promotional campaigns
  • Branding
  • Visual identity / logo design
  • Graphic design
  • Web design and development
  • Video
  • Photography
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Right story, right audience, right time

Engaging with community through media requires careful thought and intentionality. At TVA, we’ve learned that true engagement happens when carefully curated media campaign narratives intersect with 1) deep, trust-based relationships with media partners and 2) the latest trends and innovations in digital and social media. TVA’s Media Services team also offers extensive statewide multicultural and local media planning. Thanks to our longstanding relationships with trusted media outlets serving news in 10+ languages throughout the Pacific Northwest, TVA helps bridge the gap between your organization and the community. 


Statewide Local, Multicultural, and Digital Media Planning, Buying and Execution

  • Traditional Print
  • Broadcast Radio/TV
  • Digital (Online display, Video, Connected TV, Audio, Podcast, Paid social media, Paid search, Retargeting, – Geo-fencing and more)
  • Campaign Reporting
  • Earned Media/Public Relations
    • Spokesperson media training
    • Interview coordination and briefings
    • Press release drafting and media outreach
    • Media monitoring
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A human approach to data gathering and analysis

In today’s noisy world, having the right insights can make the difference between creating content that engages your audience or is instantly forgotten. Guided by research and fueled by our human-centric design principles, we uncover valuable insights and help build connections with your audiences. Our methodologies emphasize participation by the communities affected by the results and our data delivers culturally relevant insights that create meaningful human impact. 

Some clients have data and need help analyzing and extracting the story. Others simply have a question or problem they want answered, or a hypothesis to explore. Whichever the task, our research team is equipped and ready to assist you. 


  • Research planning and design
  • Literature review
  • Market research
  • Focus groups and qualitative interviews
  • Polls and Surveys
  • Creative testing
  • Segmentation and gap analysis
  • Audience persona development
  • Data visualizations
  • Dashboards and data reporting
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