No matter your pick for winner of the Super Bowl or whether you’re happy with the outcome, there’s always those funny, emotional, impactful, awesome commercials to carry us all through the big game. As communicators and marketers, our team naturally showed up to the office the next day with lots to say about our favorite ads and why we believed they were such successful pieces of communications.

As loyal Westcoasters and while still lamenting the lack of offense from the Rams, our favorite ads were timely, relevant, funny, made great use of celebrity endorsements and spoke to important issues in society.

To that end, check out our round up of favorite ads from the Super Bowl LIII.


Stella Artois: Change Up the Usual

Stella Artois did a great job of incorporating celebrities/characters without making it gimmicky. They incorporated two well-known and beloved characters to create a new storyline, which also appealed to two distinct audiences (men for Big Lebowski and women for SATC).

-Rachel, our in-house Carrie Bradshaw


Doritos: Now It’s Hot

Doritos used celebrities to bridge generational gaps over a common cause. It celebrates the old and the new, with the nostalgia of the Backstreet Boys and the sensation that Chance the Rapper is today. It matches Doritos celebrating their same beautiful product, with a revamped flavor and experience!

-Katie, our in-house snack attack


Microsoft: We All Win

Microsoft used the power of inclusion and celebrated kids who can feel empowered and equal because they have the tools to achieve their dreams. Their commercial celebrates the success of accessible technology and how it can bring joy to anyone, without exception. It moves the audience to understand the importance.

-Mafe, our volunteer charge


Washington Post: Democracy Dies in Darkness

The Washington Post’s Super Bowl commercial is appropriate for the state of things nationally. It highlights the danger of the current “fake news” messaging and the importance of accurate communication and a free press.

-Amalia, our in-house truth-seeker

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