Pausing Facebook Advertising as Part of “Stop Hate for Profit” Campaign 


A number of civil rights and nonprofit organizations have joined forces to launch the “Stop Hate for Profit” campaign. The campaign is urging businesses to pause their advertisement dollars on Facebook and Instagram to place pressure on these platforms to address their content moderation practices. The campaign calls on companies to take a stance against Facebook for neglecting to stop hate speech that incite violence, particularly against racial justice protesters.


99% of Facebook’s $70 billion revenue is made through advertising, and many (big and small) companies have already followed suit and pulled out their advertisement for the month of July.


At TVA, we stand in solidarity with the Stop Hate for Profit campaign and join others who are signing on to boycott against Facebook to combat hate speech. We reject hate and bigotry and believe that profits will never be worth promoting violence. Our statement in early June in support of Black Lives Matter and the racial justice movement is a testament to our values and mission as a company, and this step is no different.


Where to spend your money instead.


Into Your Community: Almost every neighborhood, city, and community has a local newspaper or blog. What better way to put your ad dollars to work than to reinvest it into the community? Often times this is a relationship that can transcend a transaction and lead to a mutually beneficial relationship.


Google Display Network: As a cost-effective alternative, the Google Display Network serves ads to users wherever they browse the internet. Google has built relationships with millions of websites and has purchased ad space on these sites. For a similar budget as Facebook, your ads can appear on these sites and be targeted to the same populations you targeted on Facebook.


Twitter: As an option to continue social media advertising, promoted Twitter content can be targeted similarly to Facebook. With options for still images, videos, and links, Twitter can be an easy alternative to Facebook that requires little to no ad changes.


Digital Retargeting: If you have a larger budget to spend, consider digital retargeting. With a $2,500 minimum buy, digital retargeting can be more spendy than Facebook campaigns but yield higher impressions. Retargeting ads appear on almost any web page where your target audience is (The Seattle Times,, CNN, etc.). Ads can be targeted by a vast array of demographics/languages, and also by things such as purchasing behavior, geographical location, or even by previous locations.


As always, we are committed to the work of anti-racism and we are here as your partner on this journey. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are here for you.


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