Employee Retention During the Great Resignation

Worried about your employees leaving for greener pastures? Most employers are concerned—at least the ones paying attention to recent labor trends. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, a total of 11.5 million workers quit their jobs in April, May, and June of this year, and CNBC recently reported a record 4.3 million workers quit in August alone. This trend, which Anthony Klotz of Texas A&M dubbed “The Great Resignation,” had already begun before the pandemic, as younger generations of workers eschewed long-term commitments to a single organization in favor of shorter stints.

Why are people leaving?

The pandemic poured fuel on the flames. Recent research by Korn Ferry found that over 90 percent of retailers are struggling to fill empty positions. The reasons are varied, but as NPR reported last June, for many people, the shift to remote work highlighted just how much some workers had been giving up in terms of work-life balance. No one misses commuting long hours in traffic or feeling pressured to show up to work sick.

Now that employees are scarce, employers must be more creative to attract and nurture talent.

Keeping vs. growing

It’s always been in our master plan to make The Vida Agency (TVA) a place people love to work, but that also helps people grow into their careers, wherever that may take them. As we continue to grow – we’ve tripled our staff in the past four years and doubled it since the pandemic started – we’ve found that it’s less about “keeping employees” and more about helping human beings realize their full potential. And it takes intention to maintain that culture and approach

That’s where Vibe Check by Vida comes in. This past summer, as vaccines became available and the economy began to slowly rebound, we designed a process to help us gain real-time employee input and feedback on decisions we had to make about things like re-opening, remote work, and safety protocols. What we learned was that our people like it here, and that is in part because we include them in these kinds of decisions.

Come back stronger

Through Vibe Check by Vida, we learned how our team would prefer to collaborate as we return to in-real-life work environments:

– Many staff say they miss collaborating in person with their teammates, but that they don’t want to commute very far. Because of their input, instead of returning to one centralized office, we’re opening smaller satellite offices near where our employees live: West Seattle, University District, East Sound, and Edmonds.

– About half of our staff want transit cards to help them get around. This surprised us, because we had been watching trends in the news about commuters returning to single-occupancy-vehicles during the pandemic. Conversely, our staff prioritized faster commuting and no parking fees through public transit, so we have budgeted for ORCA transit cards in 2022.

Inclusion and Engagement are Key

TVA would look very different if we hadn’t created , because we would have just been guessing at what people needed, and what would make them feel safe. If increasing employee loyalty is a priority, consider opportunities to empower staff to define how and where they work.

Ask your employees about:

– What they need to do their best work.

– What safety means to them.

– What would help them feel connected to team members they don’t see in person often.

We’re thrilled that our very first Vibe Check by Vida partner, ECOSS, is already experiencing some early synergy. “It’s like the stars aligned,” says Jose Chi, Program Director at ECOSS.

“We were having these [internal] conversations about how do we provide opportunities for people to advance, to do more than the day-to-day project tasks and meetings? Vibe Check by Vida has the potential to help us a lot with retention and [building on the] internal vibe and energy we have with the team.”

Check Your Vibe

At the end of the day, just being heard fosters loyalty and buy-in. Your team is more likely to accept change if they understand the rationale behind it and are involved in the process, even when they don’t get every change they want. Vibe Check by Vida is a powerful, ready-to-go service you can use right away to show your team that you care, that you’re listening, and that you want them to stay.

“Employee engagement sounds like an easy thing to do internally,” says Jose, “but then you get all this info and it’s like, what do I do with this? I can see so many organizations and individuals benefiting from the process that Vibe Check by Vida provides.”

Use Vibe Check by Vida to help you deliver important improvements that foster loyalty.








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