Be the Dumbest Person in the Room, and Other Smart Advice

Something truly entertaining about this episode is how Amalia’s normally, on the reserved side of things, enthusiasm and for respect Dr. Ross, or “Murray,” as she fondly calls him, comes out. Clearly, he is someone who has had a profound impact on her and how she moves and operates a successful agency through the maze of intangible obstacles and hurdles in place so that she and her team  thrive. We also get to see how Dr. Ross’ real-world philosophies.

“We (Kaiser Permanante) started to do some work on the impact of structural racism in drug development,” he says. “People don’t like to hear that. ‘Structural racism’ isn’t calling you a racist. It’s describing a system built on the legacy of slavery, discrimination, and Jim Crow…We have to understand why things are the way they are.”

Example after example, Amalia credits Murray with changing the trajectory of her career. She says during the 5 years that she worked for him, way back when, he wanted her, and everyone there, to ask questions. As many as you want or need to ask.

“If you want to progress in your career and you want to expand your horizons– it doesn’t have to be up, it can be out– you’ve got to be ready to be the dumbest person in the room, periodically,” Murray says.

Then they both go on to discuss the importance– and its rippling effect– of paying it back by paying it forward, and helping other younger, up-and-coming creatives, visionaries, future business owners, and other game changers overcome hurdles, etc.

Today, Amalia says she not only wants her team to ask questions, but has created an environment that encourages it, and fosters an air of curiosity.

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