Let’s Talk Money Honey and Food, Love, and Health

Heather says, “In getting a counseling license you have to do x-number of clinical hours to get your full license. And a lot of times, we hear a lot about internships. They’re no pay, or very low pay. And one thing I noticed in doing some consulting for therapists and private practice, is making the switch from having done, literally, thousands of hours that we have to do of clinical work that we have to do before we get our full license, where (we’re) getting paid nothing, or very little– to then feeling comfortable charging $125, $150 per session is, like, a huge gap for a lot of people because we’ve been told that your skills should be done free, and then all of a sudden, be ok charging for them. Most people– that takes a bit for that to switch over and really value the work that they’re doing. So that’s something that I noticed in doing bookkeeping and consulting for other therapists for the past few years is understanding the value of the work that a therapist does, and then you add into women being less likely to follow through with accounts receivable; being less comfortable having conversations about money, less comfortable charging certain prices and then add the racial component…”

“…As a therapist, an inherently compassionate and giving field, but that doesn’t necessarily coincide with being a successful business owner. If there’s too much passion attached to a project, it can keep us from being as aware of what’s going on with finances because it’s like, ‘It’s worth it, it’s a sacrifice because this is my passion’– but again, that can only go so far if you can’t fulfill your financial responsibilities, or pay your bills the way you want to. Passion only goes so far with paying the bills.”

Amalia goes on to state, “I can only bring this back to what I see in my family: money is control. I’m either controlling it, or its controlling me. Same with food in my life. That’s what I think about. Talk to me about the other things you see in your practice, of money. Especially money and women.” And from there, the two women just go deep. And in this conversation, depth is breathtaking and super interesting. This is not an episode to be missed.

Together they discuss something we can all relate to: our addiction to money and sex, as well as our fear of intimacy, and our body image issues.

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