The Whole Damn Pie

We’ve all felt the need to settle at one point or another. To settle for a “slice” of life when – whether we know it or not – we really want the whole pie. What is the whole pie? It’s health, fulfillment, that promotion, to make more money, to impact our community, to leave a lasting legacy, to live up to our own expectations and on and on. It’s different for everyone – and that’s the point. This is why The Vida Agency founder and president Amalia Martino brings you a series of fulfillment-focused conversations in “The Whole Damn Pie” podcast series.

She speaks to guests on a variety of topics from living a more fun and balanced life to how we view money, even tackling equity and social justice work and much more. An expert on nothing but her own professional and personal experiences, Amalia approaches conversations with a willingness to learn and genuine desire to have the necessary conversations. She’s a well-respected business owner, mom, and community advocate to name a few. When she’s not hosting The Whole Damn Pie, she’s running The Vida Agency, a multicultural marketing and communications agency in Seattle or doing Hot Yoga to unwind.