I woke up this morning knowing 3 things are for sure:  

The Future is Bright  

Have you been tracking our future present (2036) and the impact Deja Foxx is having at @GenZGirlGang? Or how about the consultancy, Build Just Right, launched by 14 year-old Jordan Reeves to make inclusion of all abilities in the design of our spaces a thing – not sometimes but always.  

We’ve all heard of the equal pay work the Women’s National Soccer Team is doing but professional surfing and softball are making waves too. Not to mention the historic bargaining agreement (maternity leave and career pipeline after their time on the court) Cathy Engelbert got done as WMBA Commissioner.  

Confident Women are Beautiful  

I should’ve expected that an event in NYC, hosted by a style icon, would include fashionable attendees. It did and they owned it. But more than looking the part, those I met were purpose-driven, a quality that results in bold, brave, open and true beauty. There’s a certain kind of power that come from women who feel good (and beautiful) in their own skin.  

We are All More Than We are Less  

Mother, wife, daughter, author, owner, professional, speaker, mentor, and on, and on, and on…I heard from women who were not one thing but everythingtend to present myself as either/or, depending on the social situation. I’m reminded that we are all a multitude of identities. I don’t have to pick a lane; I can be the highway. We become our full selves and the woman the world needs when we play big, not shrink to fit.  

Why is today differentTORY BURCH. 

Yes, that Tory Burch. The fashion designer known for her pricy and bold handbags and shoes. She is also a force. An entrepreneur who has built a foundation to support other female entrepreneurs, investing more than $46 million over the past eleven years.  

Last week, the Tory Burch Foundation hosted it’s 2nd Annual Conference. Roughly 1,000 women from across the county gathered in New York City. The goalEmbrace Ambition. A full day of learning from academic experts and policy leaders and becoming inspired and emboldened by the lives, experiences and viewpoints of others.  

For a long time, I operated under the belief that “ambition” was a dirty word. In my family, it was considered to be driven by ego and was therefore to be ashamed of and suppressed.  I came to think that there was a tradeoff between success and well being, between being a good boss, mom, friend, and partner. Today, I know how wrong I have been 

2020 keeps teaching me the same lessonsIt’s my duty as a brown woman, a Seattleite and a mother to continue to combat stereotypes by being visible, accessible and unapologetically ambitious. I’m here for it.  



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