Applications close Friday, January 31


There are just three days left to submit your application for our counter marketing research internship, so now is the time to finish polishing up your resume and writing prompt response! Below, we’ve compiled frequently asked questions and tips to help you understand the role and TVA culture and prepare your application.


What does a day in the life of a TVA Research Intern look like?

No two days will look the same. You might find yourself interviewing peers about their perspective on sugary beverages, entering data into a spreadsheet and turning it into digestible visuals, crafting social media or blog posts about research findings, monitoring local media for project-related coverage, reviewing research studies for relevant insights, contributing to campaign messaging, or helping to put on a community event.


What does The Vida Agency do, exactly?

At The Vida Agency, we pride ourselves on building strong, authentic, and often bilingual communication with our clients and their audiences. We develop and execute research, branding, and communication services for market segments such as health, transportation, retail, consumer, public policy, education, and more. We pinpoint and develop audiences, create opportunities to authentically engage, explore possibilities and questions, and amplify the voices of the unheard and underserved.


What is the workplace culture like at TVA?

We pocket ORCA cards, bring dogs to the office, hike mountains, and celebrate diversity around us. We also speak plainly (in over 20 languages) about inequities, and challenge companies, agencies, communities, and people to be more inclusive. We believe that happy, balanced team members create positive, impactful work. As such, our team works between the hours of 9 am – 5 pm Monday through Friday.


What are the hours of this internship?

You’ll work 15-20 hours/week.


Where is this internship located?

You’ll work at our creative agency in Downtown Seattle. You’ll also receive an ORCA card to help with transportation.


Is this a paid internship?

Yes. All TVA interns are paid and receive an ORCA transit card.


What are the materials I need to provide to apply for this position?

Send us your resume, making sure to include any relevant coursework or projects, as well as a 1-2 paragraph response to the prompt below.  When you’re ready to apply, send the required materials to with “Research Internship” in the subject line.

Watch: Targets by Obasi (

Write a 1-2 paragraph response to the prompt: “Who are sugary beverage producers targeting with their marketing? What tactics or methods does Obasi mention that sugary beverage producers use to increase consumption within these target markets?”

No cover letter is required for this application.


Is it ok to conduct additional research on the writing prompt before I write my response? Is it ok to cite additional sources?

Yes on both counts, absolutely. Forming a well-researched response to the prompt is a great way to make your application stand out, though additional research beyond watching the Obasi video is not required.


Is it ok to write more than two (2) paragraphs for my writing response?

Nope. We’d like to see how well you can synthesize concepts and information into short summaries. While we haven’t included a word limit, we encourage you to be concise in your writing. It can be helpful to have a friend or advisor read a draft of your response to identify any repetition or run-on sentences to keep your response streamlined.


What do you mean by “relevant coursework or projects?”

This Research Internship will focus predominantly on projects garnering community input and collaboration to reduce consumption of sugar sweetened beverages in Seattle. Relevant coursework or projects might include quantitative or qualitative research, Excel/pivot tables, data visualization, interview techniques, counter marketing, digital marketing, social media, or topics such as race and social justice, health disparity, or Hip-Hop culture.


Do you really not require a cover letter for this position?



Do I need to be a current college student or college graduate to apply?



Who is your ideal candidate for this internship?

Ideally, we’re looking for a critical thinker with a genuine interest in research and garnering authentic community input. You might be:

  • -The student in the class who is always raising their hand and turning in research project papers with an extended annotated bibliography.
  • -The kid who drove their parents nuts by asking about how everything around them works.
  • -The person with the skeptical look on their face and a follow up question always ready on their tongue.

Perhaps you organize your notes in a spreadsheet. Perhaps you’re self- or pro-trained in Tableau or Power BI. Or perhaps you’ve just finished taking a workshop on research techniques and are looking for a place to practice your newfound skills.

The key skills we’re looking for are:

  • -Love of spreadsheets
  • -Strong listening and communication skills
  • -Ability to synthesize detailed information for diverse audiences
  • -Ability to handle multiple, competing deadlines and priorities
  • -Creative thinker
  • -Proactive and self-motivated


What if I don’t entirely fit the “ideal candidate” you describe above, should I still apply?

The most important traits we’re looking for are critical thinking and ability to synthesize information into summaries and key insights. If you don’t have the exact skills or background noted above, but you feel that you would be great in this role, we’re excited to hear from you. Many of our team members come from non-conventional backgrounds, so you’d be in good company.


Are there other internships offered at TVA? Is it ok to apply more than once?

We hire 1-2 interns most quarters. Our Outreach and Communications Internship (not currently open) focuses on content creation, social media, community outreach, and account/project support. You are welcome to apply to more than one internship, though we encourage you to apply for internships that suits your interests and professional pursuits.


How can I make my application stand out?

We’re rooting for you! Here are a few things you can do to build a strong application:

  1. Aim for authenticity. For example, if you’re still learning Spanish, don’t write “Fluent in Spanish” on your resume. Learning new skills is greatly respected on our team, and we appreciate knowing what you’re proficient in and what you’re still gaining skills at (especially if we can help you grow those skills).
  2. Spell check everything.
  3. Have a friend proofread and provide edits and/or feedback on your resume and writing response.
  4. Highlight your unique qualifications through your resume. Do you speak a second language? Are you a pro at Tableau? Have you participated in a counter marketing campaign previously? Help us see why you’re uniquely qualified for this role.
  5. Show your unique qualifications through your writing response. Have you already opened fifteen tabs on your browser with research articles about sugary beverage industry marketing tactics and their impact on health? Great! Use that bonus insight to craft a thoughtful, concise writing response so that we can your research skills in action.

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