Translation and Interpretation Services

The Vida Agency develops and executes brand campaigns and brand- and issue-related communication services for market segments such as health, transportation, retail, consumer, political campaigns, public policy, education, and more.

Our language services provide a way to close gaps, reach the underserved or diversify a customer-base.

  • TVA’s extended team of language professionals provide DHSH-and/or Court-certified translation and simultaneous interpretation for more than twenty (20) languages.
  • Word-for-Word: Legal or sensitive documents
  • Adapted Marketing Campaigns: Apply the critical eye of a marketer to a translated text to assure the piece is respectful and true to the native language – capturing meaning beyond the text

From beginning to end, TVA puts the native speaker first to assure they have full access to the intended information and no roadblocks to understanding your communication.

Please complete the following information and we will get back to you before the end of the business day.


How fast can I receive translations back?

In order to provide the best service and ensure the final document(s) has at least one round of proofing, we require at least three (3) business days for delivery.

Are rush translations available?

Rush turnaround is available on a limited basis.  

Are the translations executed or reviewed by a native speaker?

Yes, our roster of translators and interpreters are native and will provide you insights into what translates better depending on the intended audience. 

I have my own glossary, style guide or preferred terms, will TVA take them into account?

Every business has its own lingo. To ensure the highest level of consistency and clarity to the target audience, TVA will include your list of specific terms throughout the translation, upon request.   

Are translators and interpreters certified by any government entity?

Yes, most are DHSH and/or court-certified.  

What is the cost for translation?

Every translation is different. The cost will depend of length of document, word count, number of languages, word-for-word translation or marketing adaptation, and turnaround time.  

Translations done in under 72 business hours will incur a rush fee.

How do we get started?

Complete the order form on this page and we will get back to you by the end of the business day. Should your email be received over a weekend or holiday, please expect response before end of first business day. In order for TVA to begin translation, we will need to receive: 

  • Copy to be translated needs to be received on WORD document  

  • Sample of final design product (PDF, jpg) in which translated copy will be placed  

  • Any specific/preferred terms, style guide or glossary that needs to be referenced

For more information please send us an email to

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