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Meet Larj Media: Our WDP Podcast Partner

We’re thrilled to have just relaunched our new and improved podcast, The Whole Damn Pie (WDP), with even more fulfillment-focused conversations. 

The Vida Agency celebrating their 7 year anniversary together with a birthday cake.

Our Culture

Celebrating 7 years of The Vida Agency 

We can’t believe it but it’s officially our seven year anniversary! And in the words of our founder and president Amalia, “this feels like a substantial milestone”.

Say Hello Again to Amir Sadeghi

Our Culture

Meet Amir Sadeghi: Our Events Manager

Amir recently moved into our newly created Event Manager role, so we chatted with him about the need for the position, how he’s getting on so far, and what he’s most excited for.

Shatter and Forge

Community Engagement

TVA announces the launch of Shatter + Forge™ 

Public outreach is a two-way street that must be clearly beneficial to everyone involved. And so the idea for Shatter + Forge—TVA’s new, groundbreaking model for community engagement—was born. It took some fine tuning and testing, but today, we’re excited to share it with the world.