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Our Culture

5 things I learned about leadership; How 237 hot yoga classes in 2018 helped to shape our company culture

In honor of World Yoga Day, it’s been fun to reflect on what exactly yoga has brought to my life and how I’ve taken lessons off my mat and into my life, both personal and professional.

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Our Work

Planning an outstanding community outreach event

It is always rewarding to complete a successful community outreach event that achieves strong participation and engagement from the community. It does, however, take meticulous preparation and a winning strategy. Learn key factors to keep in mind when planning an outstanding community outreach event.

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Our Work

Creating an effective digital strategy

If you work in communications or happen to be one of 2.5 billion to own a smartphone, you’ve probably noticed the shift to digital. digital. Digital. When developing a digital strategy, it’s crucial to consider several factors to assure success in a campaign. Learn 4 tips to a slam dunk digital strategy.

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Our Culture

4 things I learned as interim executive director at Amplifier

Learn about TVA Founder and President, Amalia Martino’s, time as interim Executive Director at Amplifier, a nonprofit supporting social movements via mass distribution of daring and impactful art.

Whole Damn Pie

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Vibe Check by Vida

Vibe Check by The Vida Agency is an out-of-the-box employee engagement service designed to help you make quick, informed business decisions in today’s rapidly changing landscape.

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